The Buck Club


Absolutely I was making the comparison to the marketing skills being deployed. Right or wrong, some people just have a knack for creating buzz online.

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It’s crazy how spot on this take is.

I’m for TBC and think it’s cool.

But I don’t pretend to think I’ll ever have the money to belong to a private club a 5hr plane ride away.

So I always thought it was odd to buy a TBC hat or belt. Now if people are real buddies with ZB that’s cool. But right now- from a reality standpoint, it’s pure marketing.

Some could say NLU is similar, but there is a product in place and I think a lot of us get enjoyment from the content right now.

Now, I will say- if just the idea of belonging to “an idea” is your cup of tea… then that’s cool too. There is a course design and there are cool logos… so if you’re into that- who cares if it’s real or not. If you just like the idea and the architecture and vibe of what the course would be. That’s cool


I was fully prepared to walk in there and buy a $35 hat for a club that isn’t real


I’ve got a nice sound system and a tent. Just Venmo me $4800

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I see ZB is in the Seminole Pro/Member tomorrow, good opportunity to pitch the sale to some excellent bro potential investors…


The problem with Fyre was that a bunch of idiots sold an idea without ever bothering to think about the logistics of pulling it off. It was a physical manifestation of the Instagram lie.

ZB seems to be pretty dedicated to this all through the process. He’s educating himself (and others during that) on what it takes to do something like this and has never said he was ‘just doing it’ without acknowledging the long arduous task ahead.

In a world of easy fixes that are actually lies, that’s at least commendable.


This thread is reliably cyclical. You’ve got to give it credit for that.

We are back to the “gotta sell a lot of hats to fund a golf club” part of the loop. Next someone gets angry that it’ll be private, before someone doubts you’ll find investors talking the way ZB does, then those who attend the Ringers will talk about what a long-term process this is and the haters just don’t get it, which puts the thread back to sleep again until finally there’s some new merch promoted on socials and someone links it here, which elicits the new “gotta sell a lot of hats…” that gets us rolling again.


Yea. I doubt it’s a rouse by ZB. I’m sure he’s got all the intent.

And if people are into “an idea”… that’s cool.

Just not my thing


I feel like this is applicable to almost every post or reply on this thread…



If he doesn’t drunkenly approach hedge fund billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller and say he’ll rename it “The Druck Club” if he funds the whole thing, what is he even doing there?


couldn’t hurt


I dont see what the big deal is. Its a new apparel company thats testing the waters on a golf course. Totally legit.


Sneak peek, not peak.

And no, I am not the owner of this Twitter account:


This is a really good take


My first ever (and most likely last) TBC post: And no, I did not read the whole way through some of these massive threads, so forgive me if this take has already landed.

If @sundaybag would be over in the Armchair Architech thread posting that someday he is going to own a back yard, and it’s going to have a red barn, and it’s going to be awesome, I would give it the “Sounds cool” shrug and move on. I certainly wouldn’t have invested cash, or bought a towel and coffee mug. The whole reason the community has embraced BCN is because Ben and @BCNSuper picked up a chain saw and went to work. They showed the community what they were doing, (not even under the pretext of fund raising) and the community could visualize the awesomeness and wanted in.

I had no more info on TBC then what I had seen around The Refuge here, so I decided to go to his website and see what it’s all about. Comical. One paragraph from Zac, some sort of drawing that you can only see half of, and a gear shop with 4 or so items, all which are not available. I realize TBC is a much bigger project, but ZB has a much bigger purse to work with. At some point he needs to pick up his chain saw and go to work. I don’t see how anyone invests in this with the effort that is being put forth from the founder.

To summarize. BCN will be more successful in its first 2 years then TBC will ever be.


You need to spend 1500 to go to the riinger to get more info and the vibe


From the looks of it ZB has enough to worry about with his day job, you know, playing golf for a living.


The only piece you’re missing in the pitch from ZB is that he doesn’t own the land… trying to squire it appears to be the greatest hurdle

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BCN is awesome, and I can’t wait to go there.

To compare it to TBC is GD silly. I assume you’ve not started a business, or raised capital for a business, or done research on a business of any size.

@RangerB not owning the land (yet) is obviously a big hurdle. FYI, MOST golf courses don’t own the land before it’s purchased, developed, and built. Took 4-5 years between the land at Sand Hills being owned, and when it opened.


Started a small photography company, used my cash.