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It was removed. I meant no harm and apologize to whomever felt the need to report it.

“McShvantz” removed it.


@Lazstradamus @GRWhitehead

Good good?


It always was on my end.


Oh absolutely not. This has been AT LEAST as productive as virtually any actual discussion of TBC that happens on the Refuge. And much more entertaining.


This thread delivers



Is this from downfall? Sneaky good film


Not sure. I’m still a little flustered after the two North Dakotans (yes, @WarbirdND, you too.) pulled the jersey over my head and started throwing hey makers.


that was art.


Thanks. It felt like the right move.

You ever pull up to a bus stop full of kids and just start swinging at them with a sand wedge because you knew it was the right thing to do? That’s what this whole day on this thread has felt like.


My baby girl’s one year photos are being taken next weekend. She’ll be wearing a Sioux hockey jersey. I suppose that provides enough context to explain just how much I appreciate the hockey fight reference.


I mean this with no malice from a self-important east-coaster who thinks his metropolitan areas are hot shit but that statement was the most beautifully north midwestern thing I have ever read


:rotating_light::rotating_light:Did you mean to say Fighting Sioux?!? Somebody call McSchvantz (notice how I spelled that correctly since I’m 3.5% sephardic.)

Congrats! First year with a daughter is magical. The bottles, the naps on daddy’s shoulder, the occasional vomit, early left-hand-low work. Important year, for sure. If I could ask, are you taking two sets of photos? Like one with the hockey jersey and another with normal clothing? One of my big 1st year photo regrets is dressing my daughter in a Vikings shirts. She’s 7 now and gives me a hard time every single time she sees the picture. She hates the Vikings. Loves the Cowboys and UCLA. Unique kid.


For all the fracking and hard-lined Christianity they spew into the world, North Dakotans are awesome people. Never met one I didn’t immediately like. And they’re all really good golfers. It’s odd.


Typical front runner. Can’t trust her.


Holy shit, that video is too good! Might even be stupid gross!


Yes, will always be Fighting Sioux to me! And we’re doing pics with a normal outfit of mom’s choosing in addition to the jersey (though it’s most definitely not out of fear that she’ll not be a Sioux fan).

PS, her favorite “toys” being golf balls I have laying around the house gives me unrealistically high hopes she will become a golfer. But I’m going to keep dreaming until it’s proven not true.

PPS, I’m catholic, worked in oil and gas (nerdy FP&A though), and happen to be pretty good at golf… you’re on a roll.

My uncle’s boat…the fandom might run in the family.


Damn, that video is too good. Wife walks in halfway through, “you watch the weirdest shit!” Me, “its ugh, a golf thing…”


So funny. My daughter always would take my Pro Vs from the shoe closet and they’d go missing (I live in a condo.) A few more bake sales and she’ll have fully paid me back.
That’s a nice boat. On the St. Croix?


Love it!

Yeah, on the St. Croix. Ginormous waste of money in my opinion (wealthy 6’6" man spends extravagantly to spend his weekends 4 miles from his house in a relatively tiny space). It’ll never add up in my mind, but I love the name.