The Buck Club


That’s a fair point @Brick.
I’m simply coming from the perspective of a really old guy (in refuge years) who seen this movie a couple of times before. In fact, I was this close to moving my family to a visionary project that never panned out. Saw a lot of good people lose out on that.
These projects work, but they don’t work because of your architect or logo or your age. Zac has grown up in golf. He knows some aspects of the business. At any rate, I’m sharing some of the real world concerns they’ll run into on this journey. Namely:

  • water
  • water
  • water
  • demographics of membership
  • water

Big architects can help. A great marketing plan never hurts. But it’s really water these days. If you don’t have a hold on that you’re dead.


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EDIT: I just remembered I wanted a wildfire to burn it down, not arson. Totally forgot how I started that entire shitstorm.


Yea I guess anyone can take reasonable points, twist them around and put them out of context, and make them appear hateful. To do so of course, would be to exhibit “recreational crankiness.”


I think water is the biggest in NON-seasonal areas. In seasonal areas, the biggest difficulty is getting a membership structure that pays the dues in the off-season, and has the cash-flow to be looking forward, rather than living month to month. I think that will be his biggest challenge. Structure/numbers.

Sand HIlls/Ballyneal are the best comps, in my opinion.


It’s literally being built on the site of an existing golf course - doesn’t seem water would be the hold up for this project (considering that existing course is adequately irrigated).


it’s green…and it’s a muni. I don’t think water is a problem, especially given what the build team has in mind for firm/fast.



You steal range balls with reckless abandon, God knows what else you’re capable of! :rofl:


I haven’t even done that this year…


The state of water in 1990 is very different from the state of water in 2019.
My guess is that the existing course spends $150- $200K per year in water. What happens when that hits $300k? $400k? Do you have control of water rights? Does the state? The feds? Does a neighbor? All this matters.

Is “Down With The Brown” the answer? How Brown? How Now Brown Cow?


100% has referred to himself as “an alpha” and been completely serious.


me? Jokingly maybe? I mean, I’ve been around long enough to know I’m not a beta, if you want a serious discussion on the matter. Ask someone who’s met me. I’ll defer to them.



I think switching gears and building an accessible 9 hole course is the smart play here.

Start small, generate some sucess and see where that leads.

Hopefully it leads to The Bucks Club, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Thanks @GRWhitehead for the 9 year-old report from a party that clearly has a dog in the fight! You can always count on those “alphas” to do the heavy lifting. Next assignment for you: Go look up the fax number for the DNR so I can send them a copy.

So here’s something I learned working with a group that actually made a run to lease a muni golf course (as recently as 2018.) If you run a municipal facility, you’re getting a different water bill than a guy running a private operation on the same land.


See, I knew you weren’t immune to playing the internet tough guy you accused me of being.

Plus, I really appreciate the heads up on the muni water lease in a completely unrelated area to the place neither one of knows the water costs on. I really just wanted to point out that Utah had the lowest costs of water in the 8 state area. Maybe it’s more expensive than gold now, 9 years later.

Our club pays VERY LITTLE for water, despite being in Minnesota in a high rent district. Our lakeshore taxes and clubhouse costs are easily our biggest problem. Maybe your point just isn’t valid here.


Maybe your sitting in a Ski-Doo jacket drinking your third Mountain Dew of the day.


I mean, your profile says LA. The water bills there are “sick, gross, and disgusting” - and not in the good way. My buddies on the west coast pay more to water their lawn every month than I pay in a year for water.


So you’re just making a totally unsubstantiated claim that water costs will double, but @GRWhitehead provides at least a loosely related report from 9 years ago put out by the state in question indicating water is cheap there…and he’s the one off base? I’m confused.


DIET mountain dew, thank you very much.