The Buck Club potential group order


I thought it was going to be an order for this forum/thread, but seems just like flash sales on Twitter.


We have to look at it from Zac’s perspective at well. I’m sure he would love to do an order for this forum, but you have to figure we have roughly 150 people on this thread who said they would order, without knowing the prices. So, he could set up an order, set the price at $50, and see probably X percent of people not order because of the price.

I have no idea how many he’s releasing on Imperial, but just assume it’s that same 150 number, and it’s selling out within a couple of hours. So, on here, it’s an unknown quantity of how many people might buy, on Imperial, it’s money in his pocket.

I would still love to see a TBC/NLU collab, and pay a premium for it, but he may not have interest in that. It would almost have to be a preorder, and once it gets to a certain number, fulfill the order. Not too mention, he’s doing all of this, while still working on a professional golf career.


Having exchanged a couple messages with Zac, I think this will still hopefully happen, by the sounds of it as a different process than the Imperial flash sales. I’ve bugged him a few times, so I’m sort of just waiting on info as of now.


To make everything as easy and simple as possible, he should probably set up an Imperial flash sale again, give Refuge users the link first, let us buy for a day or so, then open it up to everyone if sales don’t go as well as expected.


Couldn’t agree more.


This is the answer. Love it


While it’s not The Buck Club flash sale, just saw that Imperial released their US Open at Shinnecock gear. Some good stuff in here. Hopefully it lasts longer than TBC gear for anyone that wants it!