The Buck Club potential group order


In. Would love a TBC hat.


Something is brewing on the Imperial website.


count me in for a hat/shirt/belt/anything


Good for ZB, I kinda hate the move but I also respect the hell out of it. Guys trying to bring a great concept to fruition, might as well make your nut on it.


$50 for a Tour Visor? Can find ones from top 100 clubs (that actually exist) on ebay for cheaper


Yikes. A little too rich for my blood. Imagine he won’t have a problem selling out.


Wonder if this is his avenue for the NLU group order or if there will be something separate on here?


And looks like they are already sold out on Imperial!


Well that was short lived. Didn’t manage to get a visor. Also $50 is steep.


Got a patch hat. Crazy how fast they sold out. If it was anything other than a TBC hat I would have flinched at the $50 price tag. Gotta #getinvolved though. Supply and demand, bitches.


Picked up a couple items in the Imperial sale, but would always be interested in more. Hat and polo would be awesome.


Eh. Seems like he played all of you pretty bad


Yeah, sure thing bud.


By the time I saw it everything was sold out so didn’t see prices - were the hats and visors $50 also? Sorry but I’m likely out on a group order if it’s that much. Got kids to feed.*

*golf balls to replace. The kid nurses, that’s free.


Yeah, everything was $50.


$50 is absurd. No longer interested, and not just because of the money. That’s some gauging at it’s finest.


Yeah. Love the logo and Imperial makes some good stuff but $50 for a hat/visor is ridiculous.


Would like to see some snap backs or flex fit over Imperial. Along with a polo. Love the higher prices. Gotta keep TBC exclusive.


Is this group order going to happen?


I mean I’d lean towards no but what do I know. The pricing seemed to be an issue (which IMO, 50 bucks was a tad steep for a hat)