The Buck Club potential group order


Yes would love to get a hat
Have been lucky to get a great looking long sleeve polo a few weeks back


Id love a hat too. Be honored to rep Buck Club.


I am down to #getinvolved


What’s the best way to do this?
Offer a couple hat options and a couple short options?


Would love to get some more Buck Club merch


Tour visors please!!


In for a hat. Been on the lookout thru ZB twitter pop-ups.


I feel like whatever you are willing to do/is easiest for you. Would love to see a Tour Visor, I feel like that’s been heavily requested on this thread so far.


ya a tour visor would be awesome but whatever we can get our hands on I think everyone would appreciate


A couple hats/visor options. A couple shirt options. Toss them in an online shop and watch them sell out


I think it would be best if we just had a handful of options and then everybody responded with what they want. That way we don’t have to worry about it selling out and some people being left out.


This is awesome. I would definitely be in for a hat and/or polo


Zac - you should be able to get the TBC intern to create a google doc/sheet that folks can put their info in (and not see other people’s personal info) to select however many hat/shirt options you want to offer. That way you have all the relevant info in a usable format without folks just saying “I want one” and you having to DM people. Would suggest a time cut-off for folks as well.


alternatively - TBC and NLU enter into a strategic partnership and you use their online store. Not sure if the #MerchCzar is ready for that though…


I know this is about hats, but is there any chance of TBC logo stickers in the future. As a #millennial, I have this need to put stickers on my laptop.


A google doc order form. Please bring back those crispy imperial tour visors.


Sorry folks, members only


In for hat, let us know on next steps.


In for a hat. I was a big fan of the “TBC Grounds Crew” hats I saw on ZB’s Twitter as well.


I really want a TBC hat, especially the camo mesh snapback I saw on twitter awhile ago. Nothing would make me feel more yuppie/manly than rocking it at the local farmer’s market with my two toddler-aged kids every GD saturday morning. FML