The Buck Club potential group order


@raynorman I’m willing to help collect a list of names, addresses, order choice, etc. Can confirm it against whoever has sent you a payment.


I’ve got 5 hats a tshirt and a belt and they are all REALLY good quality. I would have no problem ordering more and supporting ZB


I’m in for a hat and shirt


I’m in for a hat and a shirt.


I’m in a for hat. I would pay more $$ for a Buck Club/NLU co-branded. Buck Club in the front, NLU on the back?


We can definitely think about that! that sounds awesome


Definitely in for this


I’m interested too. I’d love to see some of the options that might be available…


For sure in for a hat


I’d be in for a rope hat or visor


Im all for a white Tour visor, trucker hat, and a polo. I need all the gear. Count me in.


This is so awesome! We’re going to get some options of what we can do and get everybody updated on how this will proceed!


I’m in for sure. Like the TBC/NLU collab idea.


If a white Hi Crown visor becomes available I would purchase.


Thanks for getting this going, pal


Great idea. I’m a buyer


I’ve love a hat! Thanks for organizing.


Count me in for hat and/or polo. Willing to help with any logistical stuff too. Love the idea


Have been waiting for more hats to pop up on Twitter, this would be awesome.


I would be interested in a hat.