The Buck Club potential group order


Totally agree with you. The main goal of this operation is for people who don’t have TBC gear to be able to get their hands on it and maybe even at a lower price than it is being sold for right now. I have a TBC Grounds Crew hat and I love it but $50 for a hat can be quite steep so being able to give passionate, enthused people stuff at lower price and spread the Buck Club word would be a win-win. Likewise, I know a lot of people (myself included) are dying to get their hands on a TBC polo!


Keep it exclusive, the worst thing that could happen for the #brand is for it to turn into Pebble where you can find it at TJ Maxx


agreed but I would argue that NLU forums r pretty exclusive especially right now


I would be very interested, but here’s another idea: with the NLU crew growing in appreciating for archetecture I think this would go over, but what about a NLU TBC colab? I think combining the two would drag more interest from NLU fans, plus it would be really cool gear to get your hands on.


I’m in on a TBC hat. Best logo around


I’m in. Would love a hat or belt.


Very interested. Would love a hat or polo.


Would wear whatever I am offered daily. Love the idea and have wanted TBC merch. since I first listened.


Would purchase a hat or belt as well.


in on hat or belt here too


Definitely an interesting idea. I think our biggest issue now is trying to raise this to the attention of the NLU guys and then from there they can pass it on to Zac


Thank you so much for the responses! @jdillardwatt and I are super happy that there seems to be serious interest from a bunch of you guys. Does anyone have some ideas in regards to getting this forum and idea in front of the NLU guys. I know they are coming back from WMPO but if this reaches their attention then I think there is a real possibility of this happening!


@Soly not sure if you have read this thread or not, but is what we have discussed here possible?


Interested in a hat, for sure.


I’d throw in for a hat or two


I’d be in for purchasing a couple of hats and visors


I’ll let @RaynorMan know he should swing by this thread and will see what he can do.


We can absolutely get this done. Just need someone in charge of getting all the info.


Awesome news, sent you a PM!


Thanks Soly for helping this along!