The Buck Club potential group order


Count me in


Shirt and #TourVisor. Good day.


trying to order now, all kinds of site problems.


Keep going. Took me 45 minutes until it went through.


How did you specify shirt size? There’s nowhere to pick a size on the product page so I am just writing it in the Order Notes section.


That is exactly what I did. We shall see what shows up at the door.


At this point I’m just assuming the Buck Club is some big inside joke and I’m on the outside looking in.


Yup, that is what I did as well.


man this is frustrating. took 30 minutes to get to my cart, now going on 10 minutes to calculate my shipping cost…


Which will be free. Haha.


I’m guessing Refugees are the ones overwhelming the Imperial hats site

there may not be a need to seek investors for TBC if the hat sales keep up like this lol


Whrn does the TBC “Best Bunker Name” contest start? I want the free membership that DJPie offered.


I will say, I had to enter a second order because I made a mistake on the billing address of my first order and mentioned it in the notes and the first order was just refunded like an hour after I made it. So, props to Imperial for that service for sure.


I snagged a hat and shirt but yes it took forever!!!


sold out in a day, crazy


i know a bunch of people have expressed interest in belts… get involved!


Does anywhere, including and especially TBC, offer XL/XXL size hats for those of us with painfully large heads? This appears to be a big gap in the hat space. Would pay a premium #shutupandtakemymoney


Any idea how long after ordering Imperial usually ships?


I ordered right when they went on sale and just got my shipping notification today.


Ok folks, this is dead. Spoke with Zac yesterday and apparently the vendors we had planned on using aren’t very cooperative anymore. Looks like he’s got a bunch of stuff in the works so should still be some cool things going on. Sorry to over promise and under deliver!

Sidenote: I got a tour visor from the recent sale, and it just looks comical on my head. I’ll eat the shipping if anyone wants it for the $35 I spent at Imperial.