The Buck Club potential group order


i’m down. Adjustable performance from Imperial would be dandy


Any update? Maybe if ZB wins, free hats for the refugees?


Good time to bump this thread


I know he’s playing Greenbrier this weekend, might need to wait a week.


Serious question - what’s the status of the actual golf course? I believe he’s doing a great job branding and building buzz, etc… I am very interested in what membership will be like, course lay out, etc…



The pro shop exists in pop-up form on twitter & imperial.

he’s crowd sourced the best set of template greens west of the Mississippi

two varieties of painted wooden tees

a library of antique golf books

a line of shirts and hats for the maintenance staff

and now, the best pin flag design and material…

I’m failing to see what you mean by


Look, all you have to do is recruit five members, and then have each of them recruit five members, and before you know it, you’ll be running a golf course from the comfort of your own home!


If you weren’t a hardcoree NLU/ZB fan I can imagine the idea of The Buck Club to be pretty funny. All these guys buying hats/shirts/belts or a golf course that don’t exist yet is pretty out there.

“Hey man, I like that hat. Where is it from?” “Oh, it is for a golf course that is going to be built in the future by PGA Tour player Zac Blair”

That’d be a wacky conversation.


Haha I’ve had this conversation more than once. Most notably with my girlfriend. Many many eye rolls ensued.


I just started telling everyone who asks that it’s “templates and a dream.” Only adds to their confusion.


much like par, golf courses are actually irrelevant.


If I recruit the most national members to join said golf club (with cool striped tees, bucket hats, Raynor template holes, burger dogs at the turn and also NO PAR INDICATED ON SCORE CARD) will I receive a pink Cadillac?


I’d be in for a hat


Need hat, shirt, and tees!!!


Not sure where things stand here, but I would love to be in on a group order if one is in the works!!




Waiting on a break in ZB’s schedule to bug him again. Made some good progress last time we chatted. Not sure if he’s playing the PGA event opposite the Open Championship next week or not.


Haha, agree. When I had Soly out at my club, I signed him in to the guest register as his home club being The Buck Club. I mean, there’s hats and shirts and caddie master hat and grounds crew hat, club tees, it’s Soly’s home club… fixating on the fact there isn’t an actual golf course seems like pedantry, really.


If people can wear a Ferrari-branded t-shirt without actually owning one, then this should not be a problem.


Yes but Ferraris actually exist.