The Buck Club potential group order


Most of you are probably familiar with The Buck Club, brainchild of friend of the program, Zac Blair (@RaynorMan). If you aren’t, do yourself a favor and listen to his podcast episode with @Soly here and a chat with @thefriedegg here.

Most of you also probably know the TBC logo is one of the coolest out there and the concept of the eventual club is even cooler. Getting your hands on gear is tough since Zac is running the gear operation off of his Twitter account, while being a PGA Tour player, and spending time making us wish we were out there with him at some of the world’s coolest courses.

Despite not knowing ZB personally, @HoselAdjacent and I wanted to see if he’d be willing to do a group order of gear. It probably needs to be something simple (maybe 1 or 2 hat options and a polo?) so that everything is easy to sort and ship. We could handle all the organization of the incoming orders to try to make it easy on him.

Bottom line: If we were able to make it happen, would there be interest?


I would love a hat. In.


Count me in too. Hat and/or shirt.


I would be in as well


Throw me on the list.


I would also be in for a TBC order.


So theres definitely interest. Really the bigger issue is logistics and then maybe working out pricing and getting Zac’s attention possibly with the help of the NLU guys. Anyone got suggestions?


@HoselAdjacent The company I work for specializes in online stores for group orders. Not trying to make a sales pitch here, just saying it’s a good option for something like this. Everyone goes in, places their order, and pays online. Whoever is fulfilling the merch goes in when the store closes and has a report of all orders to be shipped out. If you want more detail let me know, as I would love to get some TBC gear too.


Definitely. Need a TBC rope hat.


Count me in for hat(s)


Dying for a hat(s). Would be interested in a polo as well.


My hope is that if we can get Zac to give us a couple of options, we can compile all the sizes, addresses, take the payments, and all that and then he can place the order and ship them out. Let’s keep this thread going and hopefully if it can stay towards the top, somebody important enough can see it!


I know I would be willing to but would anyone be willing to help me compile all the info like sizes and addresses? Our hope is that the less stuff Zac has to worry about the better as he must be so busy on tour. Let’s keep this going! Please reach out to any friends who you think may have interest!


Would definitely love a hat if possible - great idea.


On it. Should be a piece of cake to keep it all together.


would love a hat. this is an awesome idea


Been trying to get a TBC hat for months. Kinda like the way ZB is currently going about it. Makes his merch rare and unique for those lucky enough to get it.


I’m in for a hat…


Would love a hat as well.


Pretty sure Imperial requires orders in quantities of 6, which includes size and color combos.

So it’s probably best to select a couple adjustable options ZB has already created/given out, and see if he’s willing to order a few more.