The Buck Club- Manners and Calligraphy during a Pandemic

I don’t know of any firm that focuses on Golf Courses but a golf course could make up a portion of real assets in a diversified portfolio. Also I doubt any fund manager is looking to him for guidance or advice which I don’t know how that came across in my previous comment. Brass tacks for me is that either 1) TBC doesn’t appear to be a sound investment to any decision makers holding a checkbook, 2) TBC is a sound investment and ZB has turned down offers to retain autonomy of his passion project which is his prerogative , or 3) ZB or whatever “team” he has simply isn’t getting this the particulars in front of the right people, of which they are probably in a better position to forecast ROI than he’ll ever be.

I like the idea of TBC, I hope he makes it and I hope I can one day play it. But I find it more concerning that the ringer and or twitter seems to be how a 20 something golf pro intends to attract seed and series financing. I don’t think I’m way off base but to each their own.

It sounds like there is a history of serious bashing here, and I did not intend to beat a dead horse. This morning was the first time I actively looked up info, and this was from hearing Zack’s voicemail on today’s NLU podcast. I started my search with his website.

My point is, for months prior to people financially investing in BCN, we saw daily progress. “Today I cut down this tree.” “Today we finalized the routing” “Today I researched sod, and this is what I found”
No doubt Zack’s process is different, but why is TBC website not a blog? I want to see drawings as he works on a particular hole, discussions about the types of land parcels they have looked at, what they are looking for, info on what the envision for membership, etc. (not daily of course, but at least occasional?) I just followed on Twitter, looked like a few related posts, but mostly merch.
I think the answer to all that was mentioned above, Zack is living all of our dreams’ right now and playing golf for a living, and focusing his attention to that. Perhaps he is just setting the primers, and in reality this is a more realistic project for when his golfing career is over? Not sure.
Sounds neat, and I hope it happens.

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I don’t have a problem with this. BTW, he’s not asking for anyone’s monetary help yet. Yes, he hosted the first Ringer, and we knew the money was partially to explore the financial aspects, introduce people to The Architect, show the proposed routing, AND to introduce people to the type of golf course he was trying to build. I got my value from it, if only in the new friendships I forged. The rest was a glorious bonus.

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ZB is brilliant in that his concept of TBC has created a community in a place where a community wasn’t there previously. Merchandise brings that community closer and gives individuals an opportunity to show that they subscribe to that community. It’s brilliant. BCN was directly born out of this general concept. Outside of the scale differences, the only major difference is that BCN is being built FOR that community directly. I’d hope BCN and TBC are more similar then different @GRWhitehead in theory.

I’d love for ZB to share more progress on TBC. As a member of the TBC community, it would be nice to continue learning and growing with him through this process. Even if news is not great news - I’d like to know what challenges he is facing. Maybe someone in that community can help. Personally, I’m sick of focusing on the BCN fundraiser - it is a necessary evil to building this thing and gives the community a sense of ownership (which is exactly what we want). I want people to be proud of the gear they buy because BCN is progressing. The vision is coming closer to a reality. We want to get out there so bad it hurts!

Just wish ZB would share the good and bad. Haven’t heard much since the Ringer last October. It is a fascinating venture and as someone who wants to go for the ride, I’d love to know what he is battling as well as when he succeeds.


Thanks for saying what I was trying to say. lol.
Right on.

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Another brilliant guy.


Billy McFarland? lol

Yep. Wonderful salesman and fundraiser.


On that note i’m gonna stop advocating for traditional ways to raise capital…this just made my day.

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Here’s a relatively new take on a tired subject: “The Buck Club” is a terrible choice for the name. The first ~dozen times I heard it mentioned on podcasts I thought they were saying “The Butt Plug.”

I will accept that this says more about my frame of mind than it does about the vision or the project, but I stand by my take nonetheless.


and again…

I LOVE the idea and that he’s unabashedly going for it with everything he has.

What does make me roll my eyes is when there’s a Twitter thread about “best stretch of consecutive par 4s” and he chimes in with his proposed Buck Club routing. I mean, come on buddy. Let’s get excited about how good that stretch is when and if it’s built.


HAHA. If that is true, that is too good.


@LinksGems post from last week sometime. It wasn’t the first response Zac had, but …

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That’s like me saying, “Guys, once I quit my job, practice every day, and get a coach, I’m going to be a top 100 professional golfer. Just you wait.”

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Is he though?

Ultimately, I don’t really care much. This likely won’t be a course I ever play, if it’s ever built. If I want to buy a hat or something in the future, I will. If I don’t, I won’t. And if other people want to, sure.

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Did this thread make ZB post this thread? Or other heat coming from other places?


@RaynorMan care to expand for your refuge audience (honestly believe you’ve got way more supporters here than not)?

I finished watching Scotland tourist sauce and to me the coolest thing about TBC would be the quirky routing.

However, I just played with a guy that works with Toll Homes on the golf side (seemed to be pretty high up) and talking high level cost is uhhhh. absurd. He gave us a number and it wasn’t 7 figures.

FTR, I would never disparage BCN. I hope they are more similar than different, but they’re YOUR dreams, and I won’t judge them, because you’re acting on them.