The Buck Club- Manners and Calligraphy during a Pandemic

I had a little downtime, and as some of you know from The Ringer thread I have a knack for going down wormholes during my downtime. For whatever reason, today’s edition was to figure out where exactly TBC is proposed to be built and what it’s going to take to acquire the land. With the photos ZB has posted and the general descriptions provided in print it wasn’t very difficult. But I figure many of you would be interested in knowing some details.

First up - general location. See the red mark just east of Morgan below. Per Google, about 55 minutes from the airport.

Next up is a closer look, and more interesting to me, who owns the land in question. ZB has stated they’re working on securing 400 acres. From his pictures it seems much of the course would sit in the areas that have been cultivated in some manner. This land is actually part of a 155-acre piece of property owned by the neighboring Round Valley Golf Course. The entity name is Morgan Valley Partners, L.C. if anyone cares, and the registered agent is a guy that works for a Salt Lake City private equity firm (so not the actual owner).

The rest of the land in question (from which I’d guess they need approximately 300 acres and I highlighted in yellow) is owned by Rees Legacy, LLC, which appears to be a sizable cattle operation.

From what I think I heard from those that attended The Ringer, representatives from one or both of these land ownership groups were in attendance. My guess - and it’s 100% just a guess - is that the only matter to hammer out regarding the piece of land needed from the current owners of the neighboring golf course would be price, and that the cattle ranchers would be a potentially tougher sell.


I love that you go down these rabbit holes!


Excellent use of downtime!

Ah, nothing like going down a GIS rabbit hole! One of my favorite pastimes when I should otherwise be working!

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I’ve defended Blair in the past, but he’s really starting to lose me. This is a 28 year old millionaire who is criticizing other millionaires for not helping him build a private playground. No, these people don’t need to “step up to the plate.” Blair is starting to come off as very entitled and childish. “Gross.”


25% of all play at TF is also for public play…


Wow, no kidding. Sorry Zac, you’re not raising funds for a new children’s hospital - the community doesn’t owe you anything for this one.


For now I’ll stick to the BCN model. My contribution has been a badly drawn crest on a piece of loose leaf paper.

You guys get way too triggered by TBC.


Why won’t these rich people pay for my playground?!?!

From a sheer numbers standpoint, I believe Dallas alone has double the number of millionaires than the entire state of Utah. Shit, the GDP of Dallas is quadruple that of Utah. There just isn’t that kind of money there so it’s not going to be easy for him. Homey, probably thought people would be knocking on his door to #getinvolved.

The fact that people on here assume that ZB is a “millionaire” is absurd. Earning a few million dollars over a few years of work and being a “millionaire” are incredibly different things. In order to fund a project like this, you need MANY people with money that they can throw at it without any necessity of seeing a return. Zac could probably have earned 10x what he has on tour and still not be able to fund something like this himself. How hard is it to understand basic personal finance and the financial commitments that are required to do projects like this?

Been thinking it a while, but many people on here need to grow about this and stop complaining and whining. Why bother being offended by something that has literally zero impact on you? That is what strikes me as “entitled and childish”, not what Zac is doing. Just stop following him if you are so upset by this.


Also, hell of a strategy to publicly call out your potential investors. If I know anything about millionaires, they just LOVE shit like that…


I disagree. Our little message board is only just learning how to properly overreact.


And now we are complaining about people complaining. God I love the Internet.


I saw this last night and nearly spit out my Arnold Palmer.


The irony.

Just stop reading this thread if you’re so upset by this. There are many other Refuge threads where people are expressing measured advice and heartfelt stories about golf shots they hit 10 years ago.


Its not. Its not unrealistic to assume that someone with the career earnings (plus endorsements) of ZB has at least a net worth of a million dollars. If not, hes probably very close. If he isn’t close, then he’s probably on track to be another one of those professional athletes that go bankrupt.

Totally agree. And its not hard at all to understand basic personal finance.

Ok fun police, lets stop trying to make the internet a place where we can’t joke about public figures.


Career PGA Tour Earnings: $3,304,749

Completely absurd people would assume he’s a millionaire…


You seem to be making the assumption that because people assume Zac to be a “millionaire” (which, btw, if he doesn’t have a net worth of a million dollars he’s a complete idiot) means that we think he should be able to fund his personal paradise on his own. I don’t think any of us on here believes that…at all. There are maybe 10 active guys on tour that could self-fund what Zac is looking to do, and nobody here believes he’s one of them.


Also he, like everyone else, is a walking billboard. Maybe this is another “absurd” assumption, but I bet ZB gets paid to wear qualtrics and wheelsup on his clothes. Of course, maybe he isn’t, and he is just “stepping up to the plate” for them to be nice.

This is all beside the point. I don’t think anyone is realistically arguing that he should fund TBC by himself.


Then why get bothered by him discussing fundraising on Twitter?