The Bracket Thread: Battle of the Bands STP VS Alice In Chains

I already have a set of Wilson Staff Dynapowers from the early 60s. I don’t need another set of blades but if I am able to get these at a good price I will pass them on (or the Wilson Staffs) via the silk road.

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Obviously I am new here but I started reading this thread and was enjoying the different songs and jumped to the latest posts which seem to be about butter knives. Am I missing how this works? Should I start adding pictures of my favourite hat now or later?

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start a thread. Or wait for the blade bracket to complete. Thanks Chief Chungus.

Is cheesecake a pie or a cake?


When does the “guys hottest cousins” bracket start?


Welcome! Check this out, only about 9,500 posts to get you groovin’ again


In the “where are they now category?”, I’ll submit these Cubic Balance irons (couldn’t find pictures of the Elkington model):

And although they are most known for their persimmons, Wood Brothers made a nice looking blade iron as well:


keep trying @aannddyy00, no one gives a fuck about it yet.

Welcome to the refuge @honestveek

If you liked the music portion, go check out the music thread. You will likely enjoy it.

The brackets will change, but one bracket at a time. As stated in the initial post, plenty of chaos to go around with one bracket.


Really? Youre choosing to “double down” (is that the phrase you like?) on cranking it to your cousin?

I could give a shit if anyone else chimes in.

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you obviously are projecting here. Sorry about that.

Part II: is a hot dog a sandwich?


yeah, i’m projecting…

lol - you’re never not an asshole, I’ll give you that.

Also: All grilled cheese sandwiches are melts but not all melts are grilled cheeses. What distinguishes the difference.


“doesnt support my cousin fucking habit” = asshole.

got it.

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I’m interested here…

I love your progression here. Will I be married to her in the next one?

Better put out the bat signal and see if any of your cronies from Cincy will back you!!! HURRY!

Are you?

Why would i need anyones help here? If i’m the only one here that thinks its fucking weird to fantasize about your cousin, then maybe this place isnt for me.

Maybe you just don’t have any hot cousins