The Boxcar: A Refuge Golf Tournament (Chicago)

I’m in Glen Ellyn as well. Village Links could be a good venue for the west suburban.


All you suburbanites. Lol.


Is Ravisole going to be the south side venue?

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hey hey - grew up on the NW side of the city proper. but now just hate the city in general :slight_smile:


I’d love to participate in a few of these events. Great idea.

Think we lobbed out ideas back in the old thread, Refuge favs? But sounds like ideally, area captain/planner’s choice. Just the public options floated until our VIP members surprise us.

South - Ravi
NWST - Mt Pros
West up to debate - VL, Elgin, The Preserve?
North - Sunset Valley?
City - Harb, Jax, SMx2?


how about shepherds crook or thunderhawk for north? west prairie landing? preserve? agreed on south and nwst

im definitely thinking about flying in to some of these, they sound like tons of fun!

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Wilmette is a fun track to play a match on to the north and Canal Shores in Evanston would be a quirky workingman’s course.

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In on this. I’m in Glen Ellyn. I second the Village Links as a venue.


Ravisloe is obviously a favorite. But another south course that has to be put up for consideration is Kankakee Elks. Langford/Moreau golden age architecture at its best. Gotta be a way to work that in.


Pretty good choices. It would be nice to have the ability to walk, I would vote:

S: Rav
W: Preserve
N: I don’t get up there much to play.
City: JP

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In on this! Sounds like a great idea!

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Glad to hear it, and welcome to the Refuge! Take a look around and make sure to introduce yourself! If you’re in chicagoland, we have a whole thread where we post about meet-ups and the local golf scene:

On behalf of all Refugees, I hope you find your time here confusing and unproductive.


Is this event still up in the air at the moment? Sounds like a fun time and I’d love to help out!

I too am happy to pitch in any way I can

Same! I can help out with anything.

Just read about this in another thread! I’m based just outside Tulsa, and conveniently Chicago is one of the few places I can fly to nonstop at a reasonable price. Def wanting to put together a Strapped weekend for myself in Chicago this summer, and would love to do it around one of these events.


How did I miss this thread…would love to jump in. Can host at Olympia as an option for South


Let me know if I can help I am for sure playing in the South event and going to try my best depending on Dates to make them all.

Hello Boxcar Kids,

As commissioner of this tournament I feel obligated to make sure everyone is aware that all events for this are postponed, but not canceled. We will assess further as everything unfolds, but I’ve been going over some contingency plans:

  • Try to cram as much as we can into what we have left.
  • Truncated schedule/rota
  • Two courses, one day: e.g. Calumet CC/Ravisloe

I personally don’t like the first option. I imagine when this is all over that most folks will have all sorts rescheduled events like weddings, graduations, etc so it might be difficult to get commitment. There’s always next year.

It may come to the point where we’re only able to have one event. If that becomes the case, I’d like to turn it into an open Refuge event, a Post-COVID meetup where we get as many people from around the country. Something in the spirit of the Duels. Chicago is a central location with lots of ways to get here, and some very good public golf options, so it seems like a natural choice.

If we’re unable to play golf this year (I’ve been praying daily to St. Rappeo that this is not the case), we will start over next year. Our flame will not be extinguished.

Please, take care of yourselves and each other. See you on the tee box.