The Big Golfer has a unique competitive advantage

Hey everyone, I am kinda new but have a theory about the Big Golfer that I think is being overlooked. As I hear about “player X is going to jump on the monitor and try to replicate what Bryson has done” I think this becomes more relevant every day.

I think DeChambeau has a unique competitive advantage when it comes to producing distance gains by getting big. This is due to his unorthodox swing technique, which is built around a philosophy of removing unnecessary movements. The protein shakes, the 48 inch driver, the 10% rough comments…those all get attention, but I think the real story here is the combination of strength training, equipment, and his swing technique. I think that makes him kind of a freak, and will make it difficult for others to follow his recipe without seriously screwing up their games…

Take a look at this article about Bryson’s “Swing Secrets.” Like Moe Norman and a few others before him, Bryson went down a different path in building his swing. Single plane, club in palms, huge grips, single length irons…all pretty unorthodox stuff and shared by pretty much zero of his peers on tour. It’s all about creating consistency by removing as many small moving parts (e.g., hands) as possible.

Historically, golfers that have transformed their bodies have negatively impacted their games. Whether bulking up, or dropping a lot of weight, traditional wisdom is that you are playing with fire as the golf swing is a sensitive thing. It’s about rhythm and timing and feel. When you radically change the body, you are taking a risk that things get out of whack, right?

Well what if you’ve built a swing that isn’t built on feel? What if you’ve built the polar opposite of that - a repeatable, big muscle robot move with as few moving parts as possible? A body transformation isn’t as scary in that scenario, right? You can pour on more bulk and more speed than other guys because there’s not as much to go wrong in your swing. You’re still mashing, you’re now just mashing faster.

Also - if the traditional swing kids try to copy you, they are going to have a bad time. Sure, they can drink six protein shakes a day, eat a pound of bacon and hit the gym. They will get bigger and swing it faster. But they have a problem you don’t – because they have swings with more moving parts, they are going to struggle to reconcile all those small muscle movements with their new velocity. The learning curve is going to be a lot longer, and they may never achieve the consistency you can.

So long story short, I think the narrative of “Bryson is ruining the game, everybody is going to do this now and it’s going to suck!” is incomplete. I do think people will try to do what he’s done, but I think he’s uniquely equipped to do this. DeChambeau may be a true outlier.

Some disclaimers:

  • I tried this post over at reddit earlier this summer but it didn’t get much traction. The recent JT and Rory Instagram posts made me think of it again, and was just curious if it might generate better discussion here.

  • I know everybody is probably tired of talking about this guy, but I honestly have not heard this angle discussed and I don’t know why.

  • I’m not a teaching pro and don’t claim any special knowledge. I’m just a guy who likes to watch and play golf.


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Just came here to say that Bryson doesn’t have a “one plane swing.”

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