The Battle for The Big Nut (Aug 6th and 7th Sleepy Hollow GC Brecksville, OH)

Hear ye, hear ye. The time is nigh to visit one of the great munis of the Midwest and pledge your fealty. The knights of Ohio Against the World welcome all challengers for the inaugural Battle for the Big Nut. To be played out over 2 days on Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in the Cleveland suburb of Brecksville, OH. Application for NIT spots is pending, and many details are to come. But, tee times are secured. Here’s what is confirmed so far…

Saturday 8/6 Tee times starting at 1:30 PM
Sunday 8/7 First block starting at 8:00 AM and second starting at 1:00 PM. Lunch will be included in the final cost for those playing both rounds that day.
**All blocks have up to 80 spots available. No requirement to play all three rounds. Final format(s) TBD based on final numbers.

The Course Sleepy Hollow Golf Course. Located in Brecksville, OH on the outskirts of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The course is an easy 30-minute drive from Downtown Cleveland.

Format Quota and match play pitting your hosts OATW against well, The World.

Cost Final cost TBD based on meals and donation. Price for golf alone maxes out at ~160 if one plays all 3 rounds and takes a cart.

Charity The high school golf programs of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Funds raised will assist with equipment and course access.

Sign up sheet is below along with a couple of articles discussing the host venue. Ohio Against the World looks forward to welcoming you!


How fun! Loved Sleepy Hollow when I visited Cleveland in ‘17!!


This sounds awesome. Is it a play as many rounds as you can kind of thing or must you do all three?


I have the same question - for those of us who can’t do all three rounds, or both days, are there options?

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Play as many as you can/want.


It’s gonna be a three putt extravaganza. Can’t wait.

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Damnit. Just looked at my calendar and this is the same weekend I’m doing the Penn-Ohio golf trail. I need updates on all the carnage.

Weekend before the Cleveland Am so they should be dialed.


Ooof. There’s gonna be some serious carnage.

I made a couple of tweaks to the signup sheet. Please check it out, and make sure your round preferences are accurate. Craic on!