The Barn Rat


Shipnuck’s article below really helped put words to the spiritual connection I fell with Kiradech. Learning that his new name means “bright”… simply fascinating. The church of Kiradech grows daily with positive articles like this, and all are welcome.

In the midst of this crisis, Aphibarnrat followed a cultural tradition and spent a week at a Buddhist temple. He shaved his head and eyebrows, fasted and, every day, prayed and meditated under the guidance of the monks. In Thailand, individuals and families routinely change their names in the hope of altering their luck, and so at the end of the week a ceremony was held. The teenager who arrived as Anujit Hirunratanakorn was rechristened Kiradech Aphibarnrat. Both names, he says, translate as “bright.” Eventually a guardian angel appeared in the guise of a golden dragon: the logo of Singha, the national beer of Thailand.

Below are some Kanye West lyrics that describe Kiradech:

  • I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven
    When I awoke, I spent that on a necklace.

  • No one man should have all that bao-er

@Soly the next time you get to pitch marketing ideas at Callaway HQ, make sure to include a Yeezy inspired head cover collaboration for the BarnRat.


The fire rises, brother. Kiradech Forever.


Men want to be him, women want to be with him…