The Ball Debate


Hey Matt, thanks for the detailed response. You make some very good points here. I would say though that the increase in irons can be attributed to the degrees of irons changing. Take a pitching wedge for example, they are now about 46/47 degrees standard when they were 49/50 degrees just 5 years ago and from my knowledge some pros are bending to 45 degrees. But again it plays into your point that the ball makes this possible, it is the smart choice to change the ball rather than everything.
Time to enjoy the masters!


This about sums it up. It boggles the mind why so many have such a hard time understanding this, it’s really not that complicated.


I think your 5 years thing is a decade plus short, you can look back at the specs the last iron I could find with a 49* pw was the 681 which was '01 stock was then 48* till about '08 and now like you said is typically 46/47. Now obviously we can’t tell what guys are playing now, I do know back in his titleist days Phil was playing off a 45* wedge so loft creep wasn’t unheard of. So yes playing off 49* was common but that was 20 years ago, not 5


I should have checked my broad generalization :slight_smile:️! oops. I deserved to be called out!


I think that people think that playing the ball a pro does makes them so much longer, when in reality, it’s the swing speed and ball speed that is making them so much longer than normal golfers, the ball not curving as much due to ball, shaft, driver heads is what has made such a difference. Tour players aren’t afraid to go at it because they’re misses aren’t as bad as they used to be. Regular golfers thinking that the ball being scaled back is going to make as big a difference to them as a pro is a joke really. You’re probably already playing from tees that are too far back anyway, move up to a more appropriate yardage and play with more control. Just because you can swing out of your shoes and occasionally hit a drive 280-300 yards doesn’t mean you should try to on every hole. If the ball does get rolled back it’s not like we all aren’t going to suddenly stop buying whatever the companies come out with to replace it…