The Athletic

This can be a thread for anything interesting you find on there. Right now I’m halfway through Brendan Quinn’s long piece about the Korn Ferry Finals and it is AWESOME.


Also there are some downright incredible names in this story. You’ll meet the likes of Samantha Boozer, Fred Fried, and yes, Heat Holt.

The Athletic is f’in awesome. Especially if you like baseball. Cool to see them getting into the golf game.


Quinn’s other beat is Michigan basketball, and he does a fantastic job with it. Haven’t read this article, but I can assume it will be really good.

any way to not deal with this paywall? @RobbieVogel

Nah kid that’s the point of the Athletic. Did you see what just happened to SI? Support your sports journalists people!


I’d be into a free trial that didn’t auto-renew into a paid subscription

I believe you can download their app which gives you a couple free articles per month (to be read on said app).

Edit: But it’s definitely worth the subscription price

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It’s like $3 or $4 a month, pay the money it’s totally worth it.


Agreed the Athletic is 100% worth it. They produce great content for every major sports team, and there are some really unique perspectives on there.


You can do the free trial, then the next day cancel said free trial and it should let you have the full week or or month or whatever.

FYI in case anyone is interested in signing up.


Agree with everybody. Always pay for good content. They have a huge stable of great writers. If it isn’t already, it may at some point be the only place to find decent sports writing.

The athletic is awesome. They have upped their soccer coverage too, which I have really loved. My subscription is worth it for the football, basketball, and soccer coverage alone. The fact they have some solid golf coverage has been a great bonus.

Killhouse absolutely salivating at this thread seeing everyone be on board with a subscription for good content. (I also like the athletic)

Golf-only content behind a paywall might be a tough sell. The genius of the Athletic is that it’s all the sports. Although, I’m sure there is a large overlap here with the people who would pay for golf-only. I’m just not one of them.

It’s a fine line. But I’d pay $20/month for good golf content that excluded the shittier side of the game that irks me, like:

  • Instgram golf “chics”

  • The mouth-breathers that are everywhere from clubs (Bomb Tech) to clothes (LoudMouth, U Suck at Golf) to content (several.)

  • Travel reviews (they kill me. If I’m going to Nepal, it’s not to play golf.)

  • The techies (AofA guy in particular.)

  • The Amateur Golf Love Affair

  • The English dudes in “hitting bays” outside Leeds or Glasgow or Birmingham or wherever they are.)


Alex O’Laughlin was actually one of these women before she got her job with the Golf Channel

I will google her now. Don’t know the name. Don’t watch much Golf Channel.

She actually just got her own show on GC. (And, she’s dating Erik Anders Lang).