The 2020 PGA Championship (also LPGA Marathon Classic)

Probably because Reed doesn’t act like a shield about it. He just takes the favourable ruling and shuts up about it

There’s something oddly honest about Patrick Reed. He’s an asshole, but he’s fine with being an asshole. He doesn’t behave like a petulant child trying to protect his image.

Note, however, the same does not apply to his wife and in-laws.


So Bryson can only get the breaks if his caddy fights a spectator?

If you post a 15 minute instagram video of what you do over quarantine, I wouldn’t call it going out of our way to make fun of the guy…


For this answer i will refer you to his recent instagram post that’s basically just him posing with (another) Bentley in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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hey hey just a reminder if you have a lot of coverage takes you can dump them here to clear the air more for the tournament threads. this is also a reminder to myself.

also if you want to complain about people complaining about coverage, i’d suggest not doing that in the thread where people complain about coverage :joy:

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Do you think we should all have to root for Bryson? Like, as a rule?

What if some of us like Bryson, some like Jordan Spieth, and some like Patrick Reed? What if some of us even like some combination? Would that be okay? I mean, could I still complain about the game if I only like two of the three?


I get making fun of him but I’m talking more of everyone that’s going out of their way to discredit his game as if he’s some side show. He might be a moron but he’s good at golf and I’d take 5 more brysons over 1 more streelmen.

Wow, that’s back in his Tour days (which I almost forgot happened).

Is anyone really discrediting his game though? Or more his personality?


I don’t think anyone here has suggested he’s bad at golf, the most entertaining stuff however is when he explodes like the 15th at memorial

Hideki currently 0/10 on fairways yet somehow even par


Listening to announcers explain why Rickie swinging it 175mph into the rough is so much better than Bryson fading one at 190mph center cut is really something.


I’m not saying you have to root for him at all but just lobbing shit at the guy for no reason gets old. He might be a huge douche bag but all the rules stuff seems kind of pointless. It’s not like he’s blatantly cheating like Reed was. He’s considering every option he has and I don’t get why everyone hates it so much.

You keep saying “everyone,” and it’s not everyone; thus my response. Chill out, have a beer. Understand people have different opinions on things sometimes. Bryson will be okay.

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he’s just worried about Bryson’s “brand”

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There’s plenty of people out there saying the weight gain and the swing speed is all a gimmick for attention. He may have brought more attention to himself than most when he did it but I don’t think he would’ve done it if it wasn’t going to work which it did. I think a lot of the hate he’s catching at this point is because he’s getting way more run in the press than he did before but he’s also played some of the best golf of the year so I think he’s earned that. Of all the douchebags on tour I don’t think he’s more of a douche than your average tour pro he’s just more public about it.

How the fuck do we miss Bryson making a birdie? Nobody fucking cares about an interview Tiger did four hours ago.
If I wanted to watch Tiger highlights I would go to YouTube, fuck me.


Again, nobody is suggesting is suggesting he doesn’t work hard or is a bad golfer. When he does stuff like yell at a cameraman and talk about living to 140, I’m going to make fun of him. Sorry if that bothers you this much