TGJ Lac La Belle

I’m heading up to the TGJ event in Wisconsin next month. I would love to throw back some cold beers with anyone else that might be around. Feel free to holler if you are going and want to get together.


You’re in for a treat! I played it last week and it was a blast!


I can’t wait. Are you from up around there? Got any good food or bar recs?

No, from Mpls. But I just got back from a good Wisconsin week. Had a lovely lunch at LLB after our round but then hit the road to drive back on Friday.

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LLB is awesome. Was the perfect last round for my trip a couple weekends ago. Course is still growing in but spectacular nonetheless. They’ve got a really cool putting course right off the 18th green and it was like $3 or $4 for a spotted cow which was a pleasant surprise

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Now that is what I’m talking about!

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When are you getting into town and where are you staying?

Getting into town on Sunday afternoon and going to the Brewers game. I’m staying at the Hilton Oconomowoc.

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Ill be there, bringing my dad along too. Not getting in until later Sunday night and staying with family 20 min away. Because Im a nerd I may have scripted myself for the day so keep an eye out for a purple Old Mac shirt and gray NLU bucket hat. :nerd_face:


Nice. Not too much to speak of in Oconomowoc as far as bars & restaurants. The places near the stadium are probably your best bet. If you’re looking for a nightcap in Ocon, Lucky Chucky’s isn’t too bad and it’s about 5 minutes from your hotel. Smoke on the Water on Okauchee Lake is good too, about 10 minutes away. Both have nice outdoor seating.


Hell yes. This is what I’m talking about! Thank you!

Oh you know I’m scripted as well my man! Catch me in them forest green shorts with the black Nike on. Should be a good ass time!

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Hey Gents! Here is my gallery from yesterday if you are wanting to do some reminiscing. I think I have a shot of @ActionThomson, @DiscoSchlitz, and possibly @Sweet_Cupn_Cake!


Had to follow you on IG, these are fire. Looks like it was a great time!


Thank you!

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Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing

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Hell yeah, brother! Beautiful shots! Great to catch up with you guys and I look forward to doing it again sometime real soon! If any of you guys come through KCMO, hit me up!

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Looking at taking my group of 48 guys to LBB for about 5 days if golf in July of ‘22. Play 3 rounds at Erin Hills and about 6-7 rounds at LBB. Likely lodging at The Delafield Hotel.

Talked to the GM at LBB and he’s seems to be on point, essentially giving us free run of the place.

Assume arranging a couple bus trips for the boys on the late days shouldn’t be too tough based on proximity to Milwaukee?

Any local advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.

6-7 rounds at Lac la Belle? I understand traveling to different courses can suck up time, but that’s a lot of golf at LLB…

I should clarify. 5 rounds likely at LLB. We’ll probably make an Eagle Springs run for some twilight shenanigans as well.

This group likes to go pretty hard on the gambling and drinking front so a bus service drop drop off and pick up is preferred. Essentially they need a babysitter and that nanny is Tito’s and $100 Nassau’s.

Also, setting up tee times for 48 proves difficult now that COVID did such a great job of growing the goddamn game.