TGC NLU: The Refuge Online Society - XBOX Group

New thread to document The Golf Club’s NLU society for those of us on the Xbox One. For those interested in joining, the society is entitled NLU: The Refuge. Well done by jiggygg18 (not sure who that is on here) for winning the first Winter Series event at Bandit Ridge!


Yes! Thank you for creating this!

Are you the admin of the Xbox society?

No sir. I can’t remember who is.

Looking forward to this.

Thanks for starting the thread! I was given the nickname Jiggy after birdieing the last 3 holes as a HS freshman to beat our undefeated rival. Its stuck since. I enjoyed the first course so much that I almost Icarito’d myself after making bogey on 18 after hitting my birdie putt off the green and salvaged bogey :sweat_smile:

Looking foward to some more fun, gents!

I’m the admin on the Xbox group. I’d like some feed back on this tournament as well as some suggestions for further comps.


I’m the guy who shot +23 after starting -2 thru 3 in the last tournament. Was my first round in the game and thought I had it down right away. Clearly I do not. But looking forward to more tournaments and #growingthegame


I’d like future events to be more than 18 holes. 36 minimum, possibly 72 max if people are able to commit to that much in a week’s timeframe.


Yes 36 or 72 hole events please! I’ve loved the courses chosen, I think the only thing I’d like to change would be longer tournaments. And more members!! #growthegame

Yes…More holes per tournament. At least 36 holes, full 72 is great too.

The next tournaments will definitely be longer. These are all one round because I wasn’t sure the interest level, but now I know.

I can increase the tournament buy ins which would increase the tournament purse if that’s cool with everyone.

Extending an olive branch from the PS4 thread

As soon as they offer cross-platform socities, we shall unite as one!

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Can someone give me the quick sales pitch on TGC?

I’m nervous to start and get absolutely hooked…

You’re able to design a new golf course or design a replica of an already-existing course in real-life. Some of the renditions are jaw-droppingly good (Augusta, Pebble, St. Andrews being a few of those). Thanks to this thread and the PS4 one, you can compete in tournaments against knuckleheads on here. You can play a PGA Tour career mode if that floats your boat, but it doesn’t seem like many people here, including myself have a desire to play that. You’re able to play the designs of other people, and there are thousands. That’s the biggest appeal of the game to me. Eventually with EA’s golf games, you got sick of playing the same dozen courses over and over. You could realistically play a different course every day of the year on this game.


I (kwesttlop) came in second, I believe, in the last tournament. Made an 8 on a Par 5 and tanked my round. Looking forward to the next one!

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@misterfish1 nailed it. It’s all about the courses available to play (both real and fake). I don’t care to play in the tournaments and the actual gameplay itself can be challenging at times but I keep playing all sorts of great courses so it’s kept my attention.


In the tourney that’s open now I birdie the opening hole, then 3 putt par the 2nd and then NINE putt the par 3 third for a 10. Minimized the damage after that and shot +12 (down from +23 in the last tournament). Think I’m going to back it down to easy clubs from pro or whatever the middle level is called.



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Anybody know if a team play event is possible of TGC? I’m posting some low rounds and I want to be rewarded with a ryder cup spot


If it’s not possible, a two-man event like the Zurich would be dope.