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There are going to be 3 types of tournaments (maybe a “FedEx Cup” championship run later in the year…we’ll see what the 19 of us think):

Standard: 500 Cup points available with an entry fee of 100 coins. There is no entry requirement.

These will be played on original course designs, preferably not RCRs (although we can add or remove anything we damn well please)

Championship: 550 Cup points available with an entry fee of 250 coins. Only entry requirement is that you place in the Top 25 in ANY event duing the season (since there are only 19 of us, you basically have to play in one event to qualify). These are going to be events that line up with PGA Tour tournament weekends, so you’ll see we have the Waste Management AND AT&T Pro Am on the schedule.

Other PGA Tour stops on the radar are the Players, the Memorial, and the JDC

Major: 600 Cup points availabe with an entry fee of 500 coins Same entry requirement as a “Championship” event. We will play 4 majors (Masters, PGA, US Open, The Open) during the weekends of the real events. Masters will be played at Augusta, and the other 3 are still negotiating deals with host courses for the 2019 season. (If you have a vote for a RCR to host one of these events, let me know!)

(and finally…TBD)

Championship Cup Events: 2000 Cup points available with an entry fee of 500 coins Entry requirements are TBD, as we MIGHT be this like the FedEx with a points cut off…or then again we all can play them for the fun of it since this is strictly for bragging rights.

You can bet that TBC and Sweetens will be hosting 2 of the 4 cup events.

If you design a course that you would like to add to the schedule for the 2019 season, let me know!

What do y’all think? Are there some courses you would like to see make the rota? How about some tournament sponsor ideas? Is this too much golf, or do you want to see two tournaments per week?


Brad, pretty stoked for this thanks for putting it together! It looks great. Some course feedback:

  • Would love to see Denali Club and Purgatory GC as big tournament venues. Shout out to whoever created those.

  • I think it would be cool to have a Fried Egg/Golden Age swing with courses that are #good. In my mind, they are the RCR’s that have big name architects but aren’t in any kind of tour rota. Maybe some links courses mixed in as well.

  • In that same vein, I agree with you (per our messages earlier) that Chicago Golf should host a big tournament, whether it’s a Major or a Refuge Cup (?) event. That place is dialed in, although I don’t think it’s as difficult as you said you did.

  • I agree that the Majors should be held at traditional championship venues, past or present.

Again, thanks for getting this set up man. Once Loblolly is finished and Job finishes Lion’s Gate, let’s get those in as well, along with maybe headland hills.


(And don’t forget @misterfish1’s next design!)

From our discussion:

Here are some regular season stops on the list. Keep in mind we’re looking for courses with 4 sets of pins for tournaments:

Raynor Farms
Burrowing Owl
Troon West
Atlantic Inn & Beach
Las Colinas Der Sur (on the schedule)
Muir Woods
Bear Tracks
Fiddlers Green (the week before the masters, unless I finish Loblolly Golf Club before then lol)
Stewarts Bay
Purgatory (MIGHT be a good FedEx Cup course?)
Apache Creek
Denali Club (maybe a FedEx Cup course?)

“Championship PGA TOUR Venues” Not already scheduled:
Deere Run
TPC Sawgrass
Murfield Village (the Memorial)
Quail Hollow? - Either Wells Fargo OR PGA Championship?

Majors (preferably RCRs):
Masters - Augusta (duh)
PGA Championship - Chambers Bay OR Quail Hollow OR RTJGC
US Open - Chicago GC (holy hell it’s a beast)
The Open - Prestwick OR St Andrews OR Lytham & St Annes

FedEx Cup:
Sweetens Cove

Any course recs @jwfickett to sprinkle into ANY of the rotas?

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Aristida Dunes, Old Gobhar Farms, Valle Crucis, Maka Sichu, Windsong Falls, Elysian Downs, Kamauri Cliffs,
Hyperion Fields, Old Tom’s Ferry

I’ll have a couple more coming out soon…Lion’s Gate, Conservatory Club, and Old Reynolda


Thanks @TCRBrad for setting all this up! I’m pumped for it to start.
I don’t have much to add in regards to course reqs as my time is pretty limited, but I’m pumped to use the little bit of time I get on the ps4 to this. Plus it seems like you, @jwfickett and all the other designers are well more versed to the courses and what will be a blast to play.

Love the different tiers as well, between regular stops, championships, majors and playoffs.

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We’re ALWAYS open to new course recommendations, so if you find one you really like let us know :slight_smile:

Looking forward to having some fun with this, and have a good variety of different courses and landscapes to explore throughout the season.

Trying to match the “region” to where the pros are playing…starting with Hawaii since we didn’t get this started till after my family vacation haha

Oh! @pulledtotheleft where would you maybe like to see the FedEx Cup / Majors be played?

I think the majors should be at the traditional courses.

Outside of that I’m easy and looking forward to courses you guys/the group pick out!

If I happen to play something that hasn’t been mentioned before, I’ll certainly suggest it.

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Is there going to be a club/difficulty requirement? And I assume playing from the tips/tournament tees for all courses? Very pumped - thanks for setting all of this up!

That’s a good point… maybe just no beginner clubs?

Club requirement is at your own discression since I believe there’s a distance gap between each set
Easier clubs to hit, less distance

We’re playing ALL the way back tees wise, and pins are 1 through 4 based on which round we’re playing.
Weather is random soooooo good luck out there haha

That was my assumption - may have to do some R&D on club selection + reachability on these courses to find the sweet spot for each course! Where is the mad scientist when I need him.

Also - I’m patiently awaiting TGC to provide an update allowing me to choose whether or not to leave the flag in on puts.

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All about the process haha

I’m an intermediate club guy, just because I like to try and shape shots since there isn’t any spin.
This means I’m only 270 or so off the tee, so I have to adapt to the “Luke Donald” style of play haha

Does anybody have tournament sponsor name ideas?

The UK British Open presented by Her Majesty


Hah yeah I’ve been trying to “master” the Masters clubs but am still a little too inconsistent for comfort. Went 8-under in 9 holes at Sweetens the other day and then just went 4 over at Headland Hills (which I loved by the way). May go intermediate and try to get it done with the long irons.

  • The Icarito Open sponsored by Space X (and yes, this is commentary on whether I believe Elon will eventually fly a little too close to the sun).

  • The Raynor Farms Invitational presented by @thefriedegg

  • The Whopper at Doral (if there is a Doral RCR)


Long irons getting it done in a tournament? Where have I seen this before…


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Now seems like a good time to advertise to those of us who are Xbox users that a society under the same name is up. Hopefully we can get something similar launched once we have more than 3 members.


One day…these two brothers shall unite their powers for the greater good

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