TFE Dog Bowl 2022

With TFE releasing event dates this one hits home with me and maybe some other refugees as well…?

It hits home for me as I was fortunate enough to get a spot in the original release back in 2020 and signed up as a solo (dare I say - mercenary? HA) It was supposed to be the first “Golf Event” I would play in and kickstart a new golfing chapter in my life. That did not pass, my first “Event” ended up being Skirmish at Sandy Burr, where I earned a birth to NIT.

I’m thrilled and RE-excited to play and, as previously mentioned, I signed up solo.

Anybody else going?
Looking for a partner?

  • Like to hear my resume?
    Excited like me?
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I don’t have a spot but that’s the TFE event I’m hoping to get to in 2022. They did say it’s going to be tough to get a spot as, like you, most were already signed up from 2020. You going Day 1 or 2?

Did the TFE in Aiken pre Covid but hope you join another in 2022 and expect I would join as a single

People don’t pass on the opportunity to partner with a NIT 2021 Flight Winner like @whitebuffalo26!!

I got to go 9 holes with him in the Mudders Alt shot festivities in the rain at JAX Beach.


I’m going to try for a spot on Day 1. Really want to play the Yale course.


I’m in Day 1. You gotta get on the wait list at least right? Peoples plans are always changing and its still 6+ months away

I still can’t help but be a bit nervous going it alone.

Always looking to do my part in the team game ya know.

You are too kind my friend!
There’s 1 item on the resume. I have 9 holes of ALT shot under my belt, practically a PRO.

PS - future combo responses will capture a few in 1 singular post. Still working on the etiquette here.

I’ll happily team up with you, if I can get a spot. My game is still a work in progress so not expecting to win anything just looking to play Yale, if you’re alright with that.

Sold! I hope you get a spot.

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