Texahoma Regional - July 23 - Remote Quota Game

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Your loyal captains are working on the regional competition. We have reserved lodging and tee times for 24 golfers at the Links at Lands End for the weekend of July 22-24. 2 nights of lodging (2 people per room) plus 36 holes Saturday and 18 holes Sunday, exclusive of food, is $305. Still working to finalize details, but we first wanted to gauge interest of who is available to join and play. Four spots will be reserved for each Roost’s competitors, meaning 3-4 additional spots will be available if others want to come and play some side games. Because it’s summer, we realize that even the top qualifiers may not be able to make it, so we want to start by seeing who is available, and go from there.

The Links at Land’s End | Semi-Private Golf Course | Yantis, TX - Home (golflakefork.com)

Sign up here if you’d like to attend:

July 22-24 - Texahoma Regional Competition - Links at Land’s End - Express Your Interest in Attending! - Google Sheets


@STROHS check here for Regional Competition details!

Should be accessible and editable now - a time-honored tradition.


@HoselRocketeer and @Gnome as much as we would love to have both of you in our roost, there are separate tabs to signup for each roost.

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Nope. Not changing it…


Our. Will be 1honeymoon in Italy. Lake Fork is some good golf and good times.
I’ll try to get out of my commitments. :laughing:

Wish I could make it, already having Vibe withdrawals from the Texas Cup last wknd

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Im in Shreveport and not part of any Roost yet. Im guessing DFW is the closet group. Would love to come up and play

Go ahead and put your name on the sheet - probably for DFW for now. Can’t promise you a spot right now since first priority is getting the competitors between the roosts set, but a decent chance we have room.

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Yo @BigPlex @TheSupercell and @strohs (@Jdonelson tag your people) - tomorrow is a big day for our region. For those of you not following along elsewhere, the three roosts will battle it out remotely in a hotter-n-hell, 36 hole quota game. We’re hitting cups and absolutely grinding in record temps.

Can someone post the golfgenius link and instructions in here for folks to follow along?

Big Plex will be playing at Rangers Golf Course in Arlington TX.
The Supercell will be playing at Hillcrest Country Club in Bartlesville, OK
Strohs will be playing Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, TX.

Let’s get some banter in here to make this fun! Everyone going out the courses, especially if you’re not a contestant and just playing/following, let’s have some updates and pictures put up in here tomorrow.

cc @sundaybag and @Double_Bogey_Dave


As someone else pointed out in a side conversation, @STROHS out here trying to pass off Roost Championship qualification on a pitch-n-putt course…


Here is a link for those who are just following along: Non-TGF Events League :: EVENT RESULTS

My fits are picked out. Showing championship hydration levels on Tom Herman’s pee chart. The body is ready.


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You’re not my boss! Stopping giving me assignments.


Don’t make me start recycling NLU bits on your ass

I’m gonna exclusively send you pictures of everyone’s swamp ass sweat stains

Weird flex but okay.


Yo dudes, what did I miss? Changed my email settings and have been out of the loop. My bad.

Birdie Fireballs until everyone is a bad teammate.


/dry heaves/

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