TBC 10K - TBD whether its TBC or DOA


IIRC, the initial/founders nut at Sand Hills was close to a 1/4 mil. Not hard to imagine when that list has 5-10 people on it. Founding members list at AGC had less than 25 members at a much higher price point and more perks. Keep in mind places like C3 are going to a national membership. Last I checked they were 12,500 with 3600 in annual dues. That has gone down since that conversation but still food for thought…

What is AGC and C3?

Austin Golf Club
Checessee Creek Club

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I know 2 guys who did know about the opportunity and passed as well as a few who did write the check. They all are happy with the choices that they made, which I find interesting, too. I know I would be a little pissed at myself if I passed on the opportunity now that SV had become what it has, but I’m not them.


Speaking of… @MerchCzar: on the Action Movie TrapDraw, at 1:27:07 keep National Treasure’s name out yo’ mouth.

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Did I enjoy National Treasure…FER SURE. Is it a late 90’s action flick? Fuq no.


Is that a fuq no because it’s not an action flick or a fuq no because it’s from 2004?


I’d say both. More in the thriller action/adventure category for me


I misunderstood…when you mentioned it in response to Tron’s assertion that Nic is now resigned to “scraping the bottom of the barrel”, I assumed you meant it was a garbage flick.

I’ll retract. And I bid you a “good day, sir”.

Not the scottish/aussie model that ZB has been touting…if that matters

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I don’t have all the answers so you could be right.

It’s so far gone from that, the only thing left they could flip on is firing King-Collins and hiring the Faz.


I thought @RaynorMan had said it again in his recent string of posts but I just went back and checked and I guess I was wrong about that. I guess that flip happened a while ago, hard to keep track, wishful thinking.

I wonder if the Scottish/Aussie model is “let er rip” – like, can ANY local play their member courses any time for the same fee I pay when I travel over there? Or is it so cheap to join that if you’re a local, you’d be a moron to pay the $250-500 daily fee?

I guess, based on demand, or member rounds played, you’d want to have those 5-6 tee times booked at $400/round all the time anyway.

Regardless, he’s definitely a guy who’s willing to change the model as he gets feedback/advice

The Aussie model, at least in the Melbourne sandbelt, is: locals can’t play as unaccompanied visitors, interstate and overseas visitors can pay top $$ to play.

The Scottish model is pretty much as you describe. There are some places where special arrangements are in place for locals who are not members (eg the Links Trust arrangements in St Andrews).


Are these intentional models or just results of the market? If Scottish club owners could charge a thousand members 50k to join plus yearly dues, wouldn’t they?
I feel like we (some, not all) keep talking about these different club styles in moral terms instead of practical ones.


I think founding memberships are an interesting concept, depending on the ownership structure. i.e. is it member owned or are members just paying for access?

Traditionally, a club would have been formed back in the day, and say they needed $100,000 for initial construction.

They get 500 members to buy in at $200 a head. Maybe they also raise a loan as well.

The course is built and the members agree on annual fees etc to run the club.

A member wants out, they sell their membership share to someone else. Might get their $500 back, might get more, might get less. Perhaps the club take a cut of these transactions, perhaps not.

Problem arises if there is no market for membership shares. People feel their membership is worthless and they just drop out and stop paying fees. Effectively there is then no joining fee.

Obviously today, costs are greater and there is a lot more goes into building a golf course than back when that was probably how a lot of courses were originally funded.


per request from everyone who liked this post…

I present

The Quest for The Buck Club

You step out of your front door for the first time in weeks. You wince from the sunlight/flourescent hall lighting (I don’t know where you live). Looking just past the doorstep, you see a small envelope with your name written neatly; block script with a deep blue pen. There’s nothing else on the front, but as you flip it over you find that it’s sealed in wax with the letter Z.

You take the card inside and sanitize. You wash your hands with warm water and soap while humming your favorite song for precisely 20 seconds—a key feature of CBS golf broadcasts in the early 1990s—John Williams’ main theme to Jurassic Park. After drying and moisturizing your hands, you take your letter opener (a divot repair tool from your home club) and break open the seal.

Nothing falls out. The envelope appears empty. What do you do?

  • Reexamine the seal
  • Reexamine your name
  • Reexamine the inside of the envelope
  • Call the Postal Service and complain

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