TBC 10K - TBD whether its TBC or DOA

Look I’m no doctor, but from experience, there’s a compounding effect.

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Then you really worked hard to demonstrate that Zac is, in your opinion, “cheesy as fuck” based on a putter cover (that he designed) being auctioned off and the proceeds going to fund his passion project, as has always been the stated MO.


Every time I wear this hat people think it’s a gay pride hat (nothing wrong with that). But then I tell them it’s for The Buck Club, and they hear The Butt Club… Not a good scene at the club


Wanted to be sure I was doing it right, sounds like it all checks out.

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I’m happy to provide you with an unclean bill of health.

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You fucking with me?



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Flipping back through the titles of this thread is great comedy. Some of my favorites below…


You can blame me for the original suggestion.

Oh thats a fun trick, how’d you do that?

In the first post, theres an orange number with a pencil next to it (currently 46). Click there


maybe @Tron can point us in the right direction to get some Callaway Japan gear. I’m on rakuten right now looking for some of the good stuff.


Yeah, I mean that’s the crux of it, isn’t it? Some pro athletes fund their passion projects with their millions in earnings from their sport, and others auction off putter covers on Instagram. Just like when a rich actor starts a GoFundMe to finance a film so they can “do it their way,” they open themselves up to criticism. These are among the perils of being a public figure.


I mean - How rich is zac? He was on the KF tour last year, and this year a lot of his season is cancelled. I’m sure he does just fine but I wouldn’t even think to describe him as a “millionaire” or “rich athlete”


It’s been absolutely glorious for a week now and we can’t get out to play :pensive:

This thread is a prime example of why PGA Tour pros don’t let you in on their private lives or their passion projects. Somebody finally comes along who loves golf so much he’ll play 36 holes on an off day, and I’m happy to have that window into his dreams and plans.


Communication breakdown, it’s always the same

I think the crux of the communication issue is people not understanding if the money is going towards the buck club vs. towards raynorman’s lifestyle. Being upfront about that would be helpful

(Full disclosure I own multiple pieces of TBC gear, hope the club gets built, but have my reservations, hope my candor doesn’t get anyone offended)


Does it really matter?

I believe so, yes