TBC 10K - TBD whether its TBC or DOA

I accused him of nothing more than pocketing the proceeds of a putter cover auction.

Not fraud, not misrepresentation, just a pro athlete being cheesy as fuck.


Looks like we have a crowd here folks

One thing i have been critical of is all the “explanation”. None of it is necessary imo, and all it does is give people a chance to create “haters” out of thin air.

See guise…THIS is why we can’t have nice things!!!


I hope he bought 40 strawberry refreshers from Starbucks with it because YOLO. Who cares? Shits gotten out of hand


okay but @RaynorMan do you want to bail on whatever this thread is turning into and come hang out in the “lets draw golf courses thread” instead? we’re currently trying to design the worst possible course


@RaynorMan, when you were starting the “Buck Club Collective,” you told potential subscribers there would be members only podcasts and a web forum.

Have those started, and if not, when can they be expected?

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And I’m going to say this even slower so you can get it! It went to the TbC account that we buy merch with and are using to buy land to build a golf course. If you can’t understand that I cannot help you, big boy!

We donate to a variety of things over the years
Junior golf
First responders
Breast cancer

Not everything is donated and I never said that … what I did say is the “old used golf Merch” that I was slinging on eBay or whatever was said … that money went to first responders and we matched what we made … pretty decent for selling stuff for 10$ … what have you done with your life to help others.


Snow’s still melting.


My only disappointment is that when I wear it out to a bar or something, nobody asks me about it! However, I once attempted to explain BCN on a date. Still single!


That’s why I said anything in the first place. Going invite only seemed like a departure from the vision of the first Ringer, which I thought was one of the coolest events I’d ever heard about.

But ya, kudos on Battle at the Bay et al. Sorry that got canceled… really seemed like a cool event.

Really appreciate the updates and interaction in here ZB, thanks for being transparent.


Well, besides the thousands of hours of pro bono legal representation for the poor, and more than 10% of my salary for more than a decade? Not TOO much, I guess.


Show us all of your bank statements and tax returns


Working on some sort of model that allows public play in some form. It’s obviously a little more difficult than it sounds lol

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@RaynorMan you put a question out about Mini Verde vs Tif Eagle on Twitter the other day.

Does this mean you are looking to build TBC in the Southern part of the country?

I’d think a sandy soil base would be ideal, so please build it in the Sandhills of NC. :grin:


Speaking of…why’d you do that?

There is a web forum :ok_hand:t3: Working on podcast or some sort of live platform

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Good for you :+1:t3: Thanks for helping out.

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Maybe :flushed::flushed::flushed:


@RaynorMan any plans for a short course or something unconventional on the property? Ya know, a place to settle bets and such.