TBC 10K - TBD whether its TBC or DOA

but do you get a custom Mackenzie at RACDG events…?


I like Darius Rucker even though he’s anti-Clemson. Was glad to see him join the PXG family. He may be my first guest at TBC.

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You have very valid points.

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you definitely can, we just have to raise the price to include those from $0 to $cost of the bag

Soooo… at the risk of throwing fuel on the fire, what does the Refuge think about EAL’s “Random Golf Club”? Compare and contrast to The Buck Club.

1500 comments on it over here

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I play PXG clubs—very valid points are a lifestyle.

Thank you for your service


Do you think if you DM ZB he will reserve your refuge handle on the Collective message board? Don’t want your name to get snatched up by the early adopters.


that is a sweet bag. I really need to carry it more. I think when I make a Mackenzie, I’m going to ask them to put one more pocket on it.

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or maybe I just change boards


two pocket carry bags are so good. More storage than anything else i’ve carried.

If a tree falls in an imaginary message board behind a paywall, does it even make a sound?

I love the lightness of the Mackenzie…but I want at least a LITTLE room for a pullover or some rain gear. The rest of the shit I can live without.

yeah, exactly. the second pocket gives you a full set of rain gear, a pullover, a rain hood (Seaforth), and yet even more room - it genuinely has more room than my Jones Utility Trouper

I just learned the other day that wagon wheel by old crow medicine show is actually a cover. I never knew that.

Now gentlemen…we’ve already lost one Refugee to PBP, let’s not start losing others to TBC.


Darius Rucker played my home club 2 summers ago. one of the guys in my group went and stopped him for a picture, and asked if he needed a 4th. Hootie didnt have much of a sense of humor about the whole situation

i was quoting Talladaga Nights in the Patrick Reed thread the other day so and i had to go home and watch it again that night

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Guy’s been crying wolf about taking his TBC ball and going home for a few months now. Nothing to see here.