Tara Iti

I am trying to plan a trip to New Zealand in a year or two and I am looking for anybody who has tried and or successfully played Tara Iti to give me some pointers. Is there a refugee out there that has gone through the process for the golden ticket type opportunity? Any info or tips would be appreciated.

Not going to NZ anytime soon but verryyyy interested to see what people have to say/if anyone has cashed in the one time experience…

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Look to the comments of @Soly from last year after he’d been there for a visit.

I’ve been & can confirm it is nirvana.

Contact the club and do as they instruct. That’s the way it is run.

Hour and a half drive from Auckland airport. Visit Matakana on the way through. Make time to play Waipu - half an hour drive north of TI.


Did you just email them through the contact info? Was it a conversational dialogue? To be honest I’m a little intimidated by the exclusivity of the place. The closest I’ve ever come to that is Bandon but even that is public…

Just be aware you’re going to pay staying on site and playing Pebble Beach+ prices if you aren’t with a member.

I just emailed the email address I had and took it from there. I was flexible in terms of dates I could visit. They will provide details to you on availability of dates, costs, and other requirements they have of guests. Don’t be intimidated - it is a very welcoming place. There’s just a process to go through to arrange the visit.

Matthew, do you have to stay on site or can you pay your one-time guest green fee and stay locally?
Also, I’d be keen to hear your NZ must play recommendations. There are a few high priced courses there - beyond the view, are they worth it?

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Great question, but I think that’s part of the whole experience being able to stay there

Staying on site is a requirement for play at Tara Iti I believe.

And as far as being worth it - I think it is, but everyone has different values and different course preferences.

My list of must see courses includes Kidnappers, Paraparaumu Beach & Titirangi. I’ve barely played in the South Island but suspect I’d like a few down there, like Arrowtown.

I wouldn’t be rushing to play Michael Hill’s course, Jack’s Point, Kauri Cliffs - but that’s just me.

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When you played was it just you? This is going to be a family vacation and my father and two brothers all play. Do you know if a foursome is possible?

If you don’t mind me asking, what are the costs for one person to visit and play?

I was part of a foursome when I visited. We stayed a night and played multiple rounds.

Not 100% sure on costs - best to ask the staff at Tara Iti.

Sorry to keep bombarding you with questions but that was something that I was curious about, the multiple rounds. In the video of @Soly’s experience it looked like he had the run of the place. Of course he was with a member but if this is a once in a lifetime deal (quite literally), how much did you get to play?

Following this. The Fiance and I are thinking of doing NZ for our honeymoon and if that happens the clubs will find their way on the plane somehow.

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So I have briefly looked in to doing ship sticks to NZ but it is close to $300 one way. Might be worth it to guarantee their arrival there and then do checked baggage on the way back… then again, if you plan on doing several days of golf and the rest adventure (my rough itinerary) it might be worth to ship back and not have to carry them all over the south island too

I played three rounds. Arrived on a Friday, played 36, had dinner and stayed the night then played a Saturday morning round.

Details on duration of a stay, rounds and all related info will be in the correspondence from TI - they are very helpful.


What time of year were you there?

November - if I had my time again I’d try for March.

I was thinking May for my trip, you think that would be pushing it?

Early May you would likely be OK, late May you’re close to winter and all it brings. Northland weather is pretty variable at the best of times. It’s unlikely to be very cold, but it will probably be windy and you have a good chance of getting wet.

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