Tara Iti (Photo/Video Essay)


Super cool brah, keep’em coming


After reading/watching this I feel compelled to write my first post. What an incredible piece of work. Well done @Soly and the rest of the team. Borderline spiritual experience just watching the videos so can’t imagine what it was like to actually play. You are aware you have the best job in the world, right?


It’s a lot of work, but it’s tough to complain about it.


This is the best video segment I’ve watched on anything all year - and I have shared it with dozens of friends, colleagues, and golf nuts alike.

Apparently, as with anything, not everyone is enthused. I’m posting this because I’m curious if @Soly got any color, insight or vibe on this around New Zealand or while at Tara Iti.


Interesting article, thanks for sharing. I totally get his point, but after watching the Tara Iti video by NLU I never had those negative feelings he expresses. I can see how some would though.


Private courses are just completely unnecessary. At the very least, courses should have a lottery for locals/visitors to play (assuming demand necessitates a lottery system). It doesn’t have to be rounds every 10 minutes, but give them something.

The NPS does this for all the trails that they want to keep pure and it works.


So is author and journalist Tom Friedman a member at Tara Iti? Sure sounds like it based on the reference to the number of times he’s played a hole or been there.