Tara Iti (Photo/Video Essay)



As you might imagine, this took quite a bit of time. But we’re confident this is the best look into one of the most unique and one of the greatest golf destinations on the planet.

I made the trip to this remote locale on the east coast of the north island of New Zealand in early December, and the experience is still weighing on me. You’ll see a lot more of the video work in the New Zealand episode of our travel series, but this is a good look at some of the really special holes out there.

In addition, I summarized what the experience is like, and how Tara Iti gets absolutely everything right:


this was awesome, great job!


Wow. This is just stunning. So glad you guys are going #FullSend into NLU full time and are able to make things like this. This is very real deal journalism and combined with the pod, twitter, refuge, etc. I am blown away. Sorry for fanboying this video journal just has me in my feels.


Really really well done. I truly enjoyed the format of how you presented this. I am sure if it very time consuming so can only be done here and there… but looking forward to more of this.





That video essay was one of the best things you guys have put out! The property looks unreal. Great work Solly! Looking forward to seeing this format more often!


Speaking as a photographer…This is absolutely an insane piece of work. Well done!
Must have this as a screen saver ASAP.


I got physically angry with jealousy watching that haha what an incredible place that I will always hold out a slight bit of hope of a chance to play


Dear god, that course and entire piece of property look insane. The hole by hole video essay is one of the best things you guys have done. Awesome work


I mentioned this on Twitter as well, but this is really well done @soly. I thoroughly enjoyed the video/photo essay as well as the description.

I must say…Doak is an absolute genius. I know that property is prime piece of real estate in an already gorgeous area, but DAMN did he do a good job keeping the natural features. If he continues to produce this type of quality, I think he’ll eventually go down as one of the greatest architects in history.


@soly of course this is super time consuming to edit, produce, and film, but are there are more of these in the works? Could revolutionize the travel section of NLU


Holy shit, that was incredible. Honestly blows my mind courses like this exist. Hardly seems real.


Just superb. Thank you @soly !!


Well done @soly! That, in conjunction with your written article, is one of the best course reviews I’ve read.


This was :fire:, well done.
I wish every club’s (men’s) bar had a trackman/simulator.


One of the best pieces of #content NLU has done. Would love to see this for other courses.

Oh, and I really wanna go to Tara Iti now.


The “once-in-a-lifetime pass” should be adopted at more clubs. That’s a brilliant marketing ploy!


If the price is really in line with Cape Kidnappers ($2k+ per night), not many will do it anyway.


The drone shot chasing after the par 3 shot was absolute gold. One of the coolest golf “shots” I’ve ever seen.

I could see this as upping the ante on golf coverage. Imagine a chaser done humming down the fairway following a DJ drive!


I am sexually attracted to that video essay. Well done.