Switching from Interlock to Overlap Grip

I didn’t see this topic come up anywhere when searching so I apologize if I’m rehashing something that’s already been brought up.

Anyone ever try switching the way they hold a club form an interlock to overlap? I feel like lately I’m gripping the club too tight and/or losing grip while swinging. I keep overcompensating and making my grip stronger and which then brings a snap hook way more into play. I was messing around on the range and had some encouraging results going to an overlap/Vardon grip but it still feels incredibly unnatural.

I like the idea of having the club more in my fingers but feel like it’s going to be next to impossible to retrain my muscle memory after doing it the same way thousands of times. I was wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing.

A few questions:

  • Why can’t you have the club “in your fingers” (or as much in your fingers) with an interlocking grip? An overlapping grip removes the pinkie finger of your right hand entirely, in favor of a bit more left-hand index finger.
  • How are you holding the club “too tight” and also “losing grip” while swinging?
  • Why is your compensation to make your grip stronger? When it’s weaker, is it also more in the palms?
  • Do you grip the club when it’s sitting on the ground at about the same position as you’d address it, or do you grip it up in the air? This can have a large effect on how “palmy” or “fingery” the grip is.
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I grew up learning the interlock grip from a very young age. I also played a lot of basketball growing up which resulted in jamming literally every finger multiple times and a few dislocations. Because of that, none of my fingers are straight. When I got to around 15 or 16 it got to the point where my pinkie on my right hand was curling around the index finger on my left hand. By the middle of the round the I would be in so much pain I could barely bend my index finger. So I tried the overlap grip but really didn’t like it. I ended up settling on the baseball grip and still use it today. It did take a little bit of time to adjust and get use to a new grip, but since I did it to eliminate pain, I never had the temptation to go back. If you force yourself to stick with it, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll adjust.

I switched from an interlock to an overlap. Just kinda did it arbitrarily, thought my right hand was being too involved in my swing. I found that it allowed me to grip it a little looser and move the club through the impact zone a little more freely. Wasn’t really any more rhyme or reason for it - I just made the change, mid-round, and stuck with it.

On days I struggle with my grip I think about going back, but it just feels too right-hand-centric (I take a few swings) and so I stay where I am.

As @iacas I’m sure would also bring up (as he is far more qualified than I am to actually discuss the technicals of this) - your “grip pressure” isn’t really a function of “which” grip you use, you can change that without changing the way you put your hands on the club. It could potentially be easier to fight muscle memory, as you brought up, by changing the grip, but it isn’t necessarily the right thing to do.

Sometimes when you’re making positive swing changes it feels super unnatural, but, that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing to do. Just stay with it and you’ll find yourself comfortably on the other side before you know it.

I grew up doing a 10 finger baseball grip and changed to interlock around age 13. I changed during the winter with a trash 7 iron and scrap piece of carpeting taking 50-60 swings a day trying to just skim a spot on the carpeting. If that can be done in a single winter, you should have no issue going from interlock to overlap given your right hand wont move all that much.

Yes to this. If a change feels “comfortable” immediately, it’s often not really much of a change. (Sometimes not much is all you need… but often, people don’t go anywhere near far enough.)


The holding the club too tight was more of an overcorrection to feeling like I was losing the grip.

The gripping it in the air rather than the ground is definitely something I need to kind of get in the habit of. I think that goes back to the first point where my interlocking grip would wind up more in the palm because I was gripping it more often than not while the club was on the ground.


Just double check, make sure your grips arent worn out.

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I used interlock for everything.
Now use overlap only on putting, chipping, and short pitching - keeps me more left handed dominant.

I started out using interlock, but switched about two years into playing golf. Like Nandy it was for no real reason other than I tried overlap and liked it. Wish there was more to it than that.

On a side note I always hea about left hand dominate in the swing (right handed player) and I feel like a weirdo. My swing is like 97% dominated by my right hand. I’m sure that’s a big part of why I struggle with a flip and have such wildly inconsistent ball striking days, but it feels so strange to try and use the left hand in the swing. Like trying to write left handed.

I should say left side dominant, not left hand. I don’t do anything with my hand, and it probably doesn’t matter, just gets me into mindset.

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Anything inside 20 yards is ALL left hand for me. If i try to use my right, i can start to get pretty yippy.


Anytime I think about my “left hand” I go insane over the ball. All over the yard.

Recently I’ve been thinking about “left leg” and “left side” (especially “left knee”) and that’s been doing wonders.

Got chirped by my coach today because I hit lots of fades because I just hold the club-face off. Little release of face, I just turn through and hit it with an open face. Only shows up in driver, so plays pretty dang well…


So many palmy grips out there, and a lot of it stems from the fact that the club orients to your hand across your palm when the club is set down on the ground, IMO. I grip the club as I walk into the shot, so it’s up in the air, without looking like you’re a beginner going through a checklist of setup items. :slight_smile:

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I switched from interlock to overlap earlier this year and have been playing the best golf I’ve ever played.

Had a nagging wrist injury that was affecting how I could grip things on my right hand (I’m a righty as well). Overlapping was causing me the biggest pain, not my wrist itself, as impact then rotating my wrists upon impact was limiting my hand movement to the point where I was letting go of the club.

Upon switching, I’ve been trying to utilize my left hand more but it feels so foreign. But hey, it works!

Slightly different question, but in the same ballpark. I currently baseball grip the club and alway have. Have improved from a 13 to a 6 over the past few years. Is it worth trying to make the switch to a more traditional grip? Is there a chance my grip is holding me back?

Trying interlocking or overlapping feels very foreign to me and makes my right hand feel very weak on the club. I think it would be a bit of a process to make the shift, but have been considering going for it.

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Nobody can really know, plus if your goal is to become a 4, that might lead to a different choice than if your goal is to win local and regional amateur championships.


while your grip could be holding you back, you probably have other fundamentals that aren’t as good as they could be (not a shot at you, everyone has something). so really it’s all about your choice about “where do i want to improve?”

my bet is you’ll find something better than grip to work on

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Little touchy shots like that I try to not think about hands at all just turn my chest back and through. Little bit of “hinge and hold” with the hands but that’s it. (Disclaimer: I can’t chunk blade top skull whiff pitch shots with the best of em)

yeah, problem is, if i dont think about my left hand. My right hand comes flying in off the top rope to totally fuck everything up.