Swing thoughts that actually work


I just had a lesson on this. I had the ball too far forward in my stance, the coach has me setting up now with the ball right in the middle ( this is for 6-wedges) and my hands forward, de-lofting the club slightly. So far its working, I’m compressing the ball better, though I did chunk a couple in soft ground at the weekend.

Most important thing, have lessons with video play back…TINY changes feel like a huge amount, but a good pro will get your set-up looking just right, its a huge confidence boost.


Your screen name makes it really hard to take any putting advice you give seriously. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha yea that’s fair. Maybe I should change it although I’m not sure I can.

My putting problems did go away for a while during the summer since our greens were aerated and thus slower. Then our greens recovered from the summer aeration and sped up to normal speed so the problems came back. Lately I have been trying to incorporate my yip into my forward press. If I yip during the forward press, then I won’t yip during the stroke. At least that’s the theory. It’s been working ok, but the forward press can look pretty drastic sometimes.


felt like this needed to be memorialized on the refuge somewhere.


The game changer for me was when I discovered CPG and was able to cut the number of swing thoughts I go through in half.


Only three “likes”?! Sign this guy up for the Tour!


My struggling short game has looked to turn the corner now I’m thinking SHAFUA over the ball.

Let’s see how long it lasts! :smiley: