Swing thoughts that actually work


By no means am I an authority nor should anyone heed my advice. That being said, a while back I was struggling with swinging through the ball, leaving the club face open. I started picking a spot 5 yards beyond the ball and envisioned smacking the spot with the face. Really helped me out at the time. Now I keep my mind fairly vacant once I get over the ball after checking posture, grip, etc…


Tiger’s tip of taking the label of your glove to the ball in the downswing has helped me. Also dropping the back shoulder helps with multiple parts of the swing and is easy to remember.


I like to focus on my club twirl.


When the putting stroke gets a bit yippy, I take it WAY inside on the backstroke which forces me to make an athletic move at the ball to re-route it back to square. That move takes so much thought and coordination, there’s no time for a yip thought to enter my mind. It’s a mess.


Haha, I just tried that on my carpet… may be the worst thing I’ve ever tried. But with the yips… whatever works my man.


You never know if something is going to work until you try it on the course under some sort of pressure. Doesn’t need to be a tournament. Just something to get you thinking about consequences for failure. My goal is to keep the same swing thought (or putting thought/grip) for an entire round. Doesn’t matter how good I hit it on the range or what grip I used on the practice green…by the third hole all that is usually scrapped for something different. As you can tell I have a solid mental game.


I’ll see if this one helps my wife. :rofl:


For someone like me that has a really long backswing (John Daly is jealous of the length of my backswing), feeling like I’m only taking a backswing to 9 o’clock (or left arm parallel to the ground) is what I’m working on right now. It’s never actually like that when I take a real swing, but it’s helped me tremendously.


I struggle sometimes to use my hips so I think about Shakira and her song hips don’t lie. Quick goofy thing that works for me


My issue is with occasional early extension that can lead to a push or a hard hook (2 way miss). The root cause can be either or a combination of a back swing that is too long anda transition that is to fast. Both of these issues cause imbalance and the early extension comes in to “save” the shot. Anyway I just focus on maintaining my posture (starting with a good setup) and then generating speed by rotating my hips. When I do this the swing feels easy and in balance. Despite feeling easier the shots are actually crisper with a shallower angle of attack and very straight or just a slight draw. When I swing and I feel like I tried to generate speed with my arms it’s obvious and the shots are no where near the same quality.