Swing Help: Casting in Downswing, Zero LAG

Hey Refugees,

Need some help/advice for trying to get my swing more consistent. I have a problem with casting in the downswing. I end up hitting the ground before the ball and have lost significant distance. My ball-striking is very inconsistent because of this. Was hoping someone had some drills or tips for helping this issue? I know I’m not going to get the “lag” on the level of the pros, but I need to get more than what I have now!

Thank you for any help and tips you might have!

Separation between lower body and upper body.

Swing thoughts: “turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn”

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First off: You need fo forget the terms casting and lag. Casting is something that’s almost impossible to actually achieve, lag is a nonsense announcer term that applies a 2D principle in a 3D world. If you’re hitting it fat, look up some videos about moving low point forward. Total guess but you probably need to focus on turn and weight transfer.


Am I doing this right?


If you truly are releasing it too early, a good drill is to swing the club from the other side (grip becomes clubhead). You want to hear the “woosh” (the technical term for it) sound as late as possible in your downswing.

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This is a pic of me right before impact. I’m assuming my problems are shifting my weight to my left side without swaying too much. Also at impact my hands are behind the ball instead of in front of it.

How is your grip at address? It might be weak. Can you see any left hand knuckles when standing over the ball? If you don’t, try turning your hands so you see two of them.

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I’d throw up a video if you can

The “cast” or flipping you’re doing at the bottom is there to overcome your lack of turn. Look how closed your shoulders are. Your weight should be moving left, not your whole body.

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I do the same thing. One drill pro gave me is the feeling of having my right palm facing the ground at impact. When doing that my hands would get more forward at impact. You want them to be more covering your left hip in the photo you posted, not the right hip where they are in that picture. Hard for me to do in a round but on the range when doing it I got back to hitting right distances; without doing this instead of de-lofting the club at impact I was re-lofting it. Turning an 8 iron into a 9 iron or PW is no fun.

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i love the impact drill according to the picture you posted, make sure at impact your hips are open, chest open at impact, turn back, turn forward back to the same position you were at impact

also if youre into training aids, the tour striker training aid (belt with the rubber band connected to the club) is very good for working on your transition into the ball and then your exit after impact


Was able to Upload it via gif

I really appreciate all the advice and tips. Gives me some range drills to go execute

  1. Set up normally.
  2. Push the hips forward so that they’re about as far forward as they can comfortably be.
  3. Make a small backswing (you can’t move the hips back underneath you - they should stay forward).
  4. Hit the ball hard.
  5. Slam on the brakes when your arms are in front of your chest (horizontal).

You then have three checkpoints:

  1. Your arms are “long” or extended.
  2. Your belt buckle is the farthest part of your body forward (not counting your arms).
  3. Your belt buckle and chest are facing the target (or even slightly left of the target).

If you don’t turn through the shot or if your sequencing is bad, you’ll have a hard time slamming on the brakes without your arms or your wrists bending or rolling.

You’ll benefit a bit from less arm travel on the backswing, too - it overloads against your chest (your left arm) and thus has to travel a bit too far on the downswing, so it lags behind a bit. You throw it to get the clubhead to the ground (a little).


The only swing aid device I’ve ever really used was the Tour Striker 7 iron. It helped me tremendously with casting/flipping at the ball. Check it out OP

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The DST Compressor 8iron I bought in early 2018 has been almost solely responsible for me going from a 5 to 1.5 handicap since then. As a 5, I hit big cuts into the middle of every fairway…and then would hit 6 iron from 150 because of how inefficient my move was. Just cuts…feeling like I was casting at the ball and basically playing with no pop.

Now, I use the DST and am playing the best golf of my life. I’ve gained two clubs worth of distance with my irons. The DST is like cheating if you struggle with the feeling like you’re casting early, etc. Get the DST.

if you want a DST sand wedge, DM me! I’ve got one for sale.

How much do the DST clubs differer from the tour striker irons? I have the 7 and SW that have been sitting a corner forever. Your story sounds like mine, I often call myself the worst ball striking 6.0 on the planet. This definitely peaks me interest.

I haven’t used the Tour Striker, but it does look like that encourages the same kind of thing. Just a way to emphasize keeping the hands in front at impact (i.e. not “casting” forward at the ball). The DST wins for me because of the curved shaft, which also makes you keep the club on plane or else you hit giant pulls/pushes. So, the DST has helped me groove a swing that is on plane and with good forward press at impact to compress the ball better. Good combo.

I legitimately would hit 6 iron from 150-155 in 2016-2017. Now, 8 iron goes 150 for me without any worry. I’m still not a long hitter by any means, but that’s a gigantic difference. Plus the changes I’ve implemented with the DST carries over to the longer clubs so well…just better contact all around.

This is me on any random day playing. Contact/compression can get so glancing/bad that where I would normally hit my 8 i’ll have to take a 6 just knowing im going to flip into it and hit a super weak ball. Sounds like I need to dust off the tour striker at minimum and perhaps to look into adding a DST to the collection.

I got my DST used on ebay for like $45 … looks like none are available now. But, keep an eye out. Might be a way to get one for 1/2 the price of new. Get the 8 iron, IMO. Also watch the YouTube videos on how to use it to make sure you’re lining everything up correctly. It’ll make sense when you get the club in your hands.