Swing Analyzers. Worth it or a waste?


My neighbor isn’t a very good player but he’s trying to figure stuff out. He bought the Garmin Truswing gadget that attaches to the shaft and showed me the data and swing detail on his phone. Seems pretty cool but I wonder if anyone else has had experience with these things. I saw the Zepp Golf 2 is the highest rated version and it attaches to the glove instead of the club. At ~ $150, it’s not a big investment but I also don’t want to piss money away on something that has little actual value.


I have had a Zepp for some time now. It is a pretty cool toy and it does do a pretty good job showing you how you are swinging. That said, I’m not a very good player and tried to use it to get better but it didn’t really help me all that much. The app is set up to show you videos on how to fix your faults so it’s probably more me than the app, but that was my experience. I still use it every now and then though at the range since it gives you a “swing score” after every swing and that helps to focus practice a little bit.


I would start with a free swing app. The golf app V1 seems to be what everyone recommends. My iPhone never has enough memory* on it to run video, so I have yet to really play around with it.

*Fuck Apple with their non-expandable storage.


I downloaded that app last year but never used it because I didn’t want to ask other people to video my swing. Having something I can mess with on my own is where the appeal is for these analyzers I am interested in.


I forgot to mention that I had to buy a $30 tripod.


Totally out on the tripod. I would rather stay home than endure the never ending ridicule that would be brought upon me. These guys would be taking video of me videoing myself and it would get ugly. Not going down that path.


Unless you start getting better and then beat their asses on the course…


If you use your phone you can get the Selfie Golf off Amazon and attach it to a club or alignment stick. It clips to your bag so its not as obvious.


I have the Truswing and its been great. Definitely helped correct the massive over the top more. Gained a few MPH too.


Hit a ball into a net in your back yard, then.

We have a lot of people doing that and using Analyzr, or submitting their videos for analysis on Evolvr, or to my site’s “Member Swings” topics.

A lot of my students are on Hudl too where they can film and send me video directly.