Sweetens Cove is TOO good

Appreciate the advice on that stuff. How about the weather that time of year in Chattanooga? Anyone have an idea if it is it viable, or am I wasting my time?

Totally viable. It can be cold but I went there the week of Thanksgiving a few years ago and it was pullover weather. I love dormant Bermuda for golf.

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Awesome, that’s the kind of feedback I was looking for. Much appreciated.

I had the luxury of being in Atlanta, and being able to make game time decisions based on weather.

I realize that is not the case for all.

Looks like Sweetens is getting a back nine! But it’s in New York.


Niiccceeeee @ThePowerFade


Screw it may drive up there this week and check out the construction!

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that was real nice of him and i have no doubt made you feel better about being a UT alumni than GA State did

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I have a tee time at 8:30 Saturday September 21st at Sweetens, with the plan to play all day. Originally planned on bringing a few buddies but it doesnt look like that is going to work out. Have spots for 3 more people If anyone is in the area and wanted to tag along I would be happy to welcome you. Also have a hotel room at the Hampton up the road with 2 queen beds fwiw.

Cant believe you are waffle house virgin. Enjoy. Scattered, smothered, covered, diced is the way to do it!

my favorite thing about driving south when i was a kid was the ability to go to waffle house and i still to this day go any time i travel. Also its like 10 bucks for breakfast for me and my wife. i go scattered smothered covered and chunked.

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Scattered smothered covered peppered. Sometimes also go country (gravy) but immediately regret it every time.

Where else can you go to get a steak grilled right in front of you at 3:30 am?

Cheesesteak omelette add jalepenos is the best item though (think I mentioned this already in another thread sorry if it was this one)

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Tom Coyne will be out at Sweetens this Saturday. He’s playing all day and sent out an open invitation for anyone to play with him! If you’re playing, you should take advantage of that, perhaps get mentioned in his new book!

I think it’s actually September 13.

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Saw on Instagram the other day that Sweetens is selling pin flags for $70. Has this gone too far?

I only realized last week that it costs $70 for 18 holes there. I always assumed their “woke” relaxed vibe came with a price to match, but I guess not

$70 for 18 isnt as bad as it could be, looking at you pinehurst area…

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I was under the impression it was like $19 to walk all day. That is if you can find a time the course isn’t closed down for private groups to play cross country golf.

I mean you’re comparing apples or oranges.

Pinehurst, Bandon, etc. are premier resorts that cater to an entirely different audience than the “woke” crowd that wants to play a 9 hole course sort of in the middle of no where with zero accommodations.

Like @cltgamecock said, they really try to portray the place like it’s this playground you can walk all day for $19, when in reality it’s pretty damn expensive for what it is.

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