Survivor Fans Unite (WARNING: Spoilers, but Dean is now live!)

Its no secret that I’m a huge survivor fan and it’s sort of become a joke with my friends and coworkers (“Daley are you still keeping Survivor afloat?”). 20 years later and it’s still going strong. This thread is for all things Survivor from Richard Hatch to now and beyond.

Plus, what @MerchCzar wants @MerchCzar gets. Dean is definitely my favorite Survivor left and thought him and Kellee would go all the way



Deano is flying under the radar. I’m hyped for his positioning. The Aaron ejection isn’t great, but I think Tommy is next buff boy on the chopping block. I’m THRILLED Missy got GOT. She was the worst. Things are getting interesting!



@MerchCzar speaking of going deep, highly recommend watching a few seasons on Hulu. Easy to lose track of time.

Are we a go for spoilers here?

You get 24 hours. Spoil away!

Agree @MerchCzar, he got saved by Kellee and now he’s looking like he’s in a good spot for now. Cold blooded killer though bc he wrote down Kellee’s name the next week (she’s an idiot for going home with 2 idols in the pocket)

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I am also team dean, but I did laugh a little bit when he called himself the next biggest physical threat. Maybe on paper but hasn’t showed up on the court yet too much. Hoping for big things from him down the stretch.

Maybe that’s what he wants them to think and then he’ll rip off 5 straight immunities



This season lost a lot with me in how terrible the producers handled Dan’s situation. Wonder if the Deano will actually lead a bottom up goat uprising.

Either way, this season can’t get over fast enough so we can get to 40.

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Love survivor! Missy getting got was awesome to watch. Elaine and Dean are my two favorites left. Dean needs some allies quick!!!

We are going to get along great as Scotland roommates…

As for the Dean train, the dude can’t win. What has he really done other than skate by?

I think we are going to be left with a disappointing winner this year. All the good players seem to have lit their games on fire with overconfidence.

How are Rob and Sandra going to get more involved? Seems like a letdown for their involvement.


Agree with much of the above. Was pumped to see Missy get got. Was not a fan of hers with the way she handled Kellee and the dan situation. Also agree that the Rob and Sandra thing has gotten a little quiet and I’m not sure what they’re going to do to have more of an impact.

The only Survivor I’m interested in is Refuge Survivor: Laz shoots everyone to the moon

It’s just a tease for the epic 40th season which both will be part of

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That makes sense though they’re so well known within the survivor world that it doesn’t totally seem necessary.

I’ve seen almost every episode since Season 1 (yes, I’m older than most of you) and I think folks who don’t watch this show don’t realize how special it is in the fact that unlike most “reality” shows they change it JUST enough each year to keep it fresh, but not change what makes it great.

But of course, Jeff Probst is the best ever and he’s the true secret sauce.

I’ve not had a favorite in this season but now that I know that Dean is @MerchCzar’s boy, he’s my favorite.


This season lost a lot with me in how terrible the producers handled Dan’s situation. Wonder if the Deano will actually lead a bottom up goat uprising.

The fact that the people who called Dan out were the two who got sent home is tragic (though not directly correlated with that, but at least somewhat) and now it seems like a non-issue. It’s pretty gross. I really did like that it was addressed in that episode the way it was - no way is that the first time stuff like that has happened in the game - but yeah, the way it resolved, apparently, isn’t great.

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I really think production f’d this up royally. They threw all the players under the bus. Dan should have been booted from the game way earlier. It shouldn’t be up to players to have to play and call fouls. Just as you can’t punch someone you shouldn’t be able to touch anyone after repeatably being told to keep your creepy hands off.

Aaron, Elizabeth, Missy, et al got used as scapegoats in the edit to cover up productions lack of action. the fact that the on site producers are almost 100% men I think has something to do with it. They need to get a more diverse set of site production so that the implicit bias and blind spots can get covered.

At this point who wouldn’t want to drag Dan to the end since he is the goatiest goat of all time. There is no way he’ll get a single vote in the end.

End of the day production knows they f’d up big time. I am 100% certain they spent last week re-editing the episode so there was some great moral story that got told. Production is hoping just to get this over like they did with the Race Wars season (Cook Islands) where the almost paid all the contestants $1MM each just to cancel the season and to not talk about it ever again.

This is back to back crap seasons now ruined by production. Extinction Island was the horrible twist and this one with the lack of rules enforcement. Both had great casts too which stinks.

This thread didn’t take off, but I won’t be denied. @MerchCzar, please be sure to give your boy Dean a lot of props for still being in it AND a ton of shit for falling for that Legacy award. (I’m genuinely concerned that, because he designed the one he turned in this week, that he STILL thinks the one he received is legit, and is going to do it again next week…)

Also impressed and shocked that the gamble this week by betting on who would win the Immunity Challenge worked out SO well. Quite impressive.


Yeah, he definitely thinks that legacy advantage is real. When the jury see’s him getting played for a second time by it I don’t see how they can vote for him to win it in the end!

I wanted to jump on here right after the airing and discuss but figured 24 hours was required… then I forgot.

I think Dean can only use that advantage at 6 and if he thinks it’s real that could be very troublesome for him. Amazingly he still doesn’t have a target on his back and it amazes me. That big alliance is going to have to start eating it’s own and that’s when Survivor always gets interesting.

Hoping he is taking the Fabio (season 21) route with challenges and is going to start crushing them soon. Otherwise his resume will be very bleak.