Survivor Fans Unite - Season 40: Winners at War (WARNING: spoilers, open at your own risk)

Definitely think you’re on to something there, and I think Jeff knows it too, he’s talked about how the show has had to adapt over the years. Now after a few seasons of getting creative and trying to keep it fresh, send it all the way back to the beginning…I love it

On top of my previous post about being able to hear the whispers are Tribal, part of me wishes we could see like a weekly fire build. This take is fresh out of the oven…after tribe merge / playing individually…last place finisher is automatically building fire, and then there is a tribe vote for the 2nd participant…winner stays, loser is done. There would still be plenty of strategy in the vote for the 2nd player, but then you have to worry about people throwing the immunity challenge to try to set it up…

I was just looking at McKinsey on Google. Basically any type of business reaches out to them with any sort of problem and they help them solve it? That kind of breaks my brain.

Did you ever get a chance to hit that 3W I sent you? Hope she found a nice home in TX

Consultants: we’ll fix the problem you have, but we may create others…you can hire us to fix those too!

That is like the post from the COVID thread about the guy who got in to drugs / alcohol way early, and things got weird for him…then he closes with, then I became the only thing worse than a raging alcoholic drug addict…a consultant

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I did! It quickly found it’s way into my bag and I’ve been super happy with it

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An oversimplification of consulting, but kinda haha. Happy to explain it (I work in it) offline. Or direct you to this thread. The Rise of Corporatespeak / gatorz doesnt like consulting

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I’ll read through it later today. And then possibly DM with lots of questions.

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Make Alliances Great Again.

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No talk here!? The greatest individual episode ever for Tony maybe??? What a legend, I don’t think that anyone is better at this game than he is. I hope he doesn’t just get got for being the clear cut favorite at this point. I hope he takes it all the way.


I usually don’t watch until Thursday, but watched it last night…so I’m here for some discussion

I hope they make it a part of next week, but Tony borrowed 3 fire tokens, right? But he only has 2 in-hand to pay back? Wondering how that decision will be made and the effect it may have.

Are Parv and Nat splitting the 6 on EoE?

Lastly, for now, did anybody else feel like the immunity challenge pausing to move back on the beam was strange? I feel like they struggled more on the restart than if they were given 3 minutes to back up to the next line…granted I don’t actually have any idea


While the move was fantastic I don’t really get the logic at this point when Tony said himself that Jeremy’s not someone he can go to the end with bc Jeremy will win. Why not get rid of him while you can and you avoid pissing your #1, Sarah, off? I think Tony did it bc he was bored and now has a HUGE target on his back. With that said, if he does make it to the end now he’ll win

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I’m super glad to hear this (weird they’ve had a whole season in the can for so long). I had heard they stopped filming mid season when 'rona hit a few weeks back and I wasn’t sure if that meant we were out of luck for AR or not.

Personally, I’m mega bummed Sophie went home. I think she was playing a ridiculously good game so far and would’ve been a top contender to fly under the radar and win if she made it to the final 3.

Tony was a killer that episode. Immunity idol, immunity necklace, blindside, new alliance, all in the same episode. Ridiculous day for him. I think he’s in big trouble now that he pissed Sarah off, she’s going to be gunning for him and it puts a major target on his back.

This could be a turning point in Jeremy’s game, too. We’ve seen this happen a million times…key player is on the bottom, uses an advantage that will hurt their social game but has to happen to save themselves, and then next thing you know the target is on every single person but them because of things like this and they skate by all the way to the end.

Will seriously be interesting next week and these last few episodes are going to rock.


In all fairness, I pulled this info off of Wiki, no clue how rona is bucking its head in this regard

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I agree with disappointment that it was Sophie, but loved and celebrated the blindside. I usually am not a fan of the under the radar game, I feel like my vote would always go to the person who “did” the most, but that is not to say that this under the radar game wasn’t crafty in its own right.

I think Sarah might win this thing again, and it begins with being the driving force behind getting Tony out in the next few weeks…she will have people (from both sides) looking to cozy up for safety, and she’ll have run of the game.

I feel like it has been discussed before (and I don’t think I found another thread) is there crossover to The Challenge here too?

I mentioned how much I love The Challenge. Do we need a new thread or do we turn this into a broad Reality TV thread?

PS - I fucking despise Dee

I like keeping things specific, it is our best bet for avoiding noise and things getting too derailed :slight_smile:

At the same time, new thread would be weird for us to talk to each other haha

The 180 degree swing Mattie made last night was WILD, I was so confused at first…

I’ll take it offline with you so we don’t create the noise.

Agree I like to keep things specific

Just finished rewatching Cagayan and this is Tony’s game. Build numbers and then at the right time cut out someone from your alliance when they’re least suspecting it. Have the numbers on the other side to start working that way or mend the fences on your own. At the very least, he’s safe another week with the immunity idol. He’s in a super powerful position and just needs to lay low and let the dust settle.

As far as Jeremy, I think this season its impossible to pick who to sit with at the end. Yeah he’s a nice guy, but his game this season hasn’t been that incredible. His gameplay has been more understated to me than Sophies, but that could just be the show edit. They’re all winners and good players, I think we’re reaching a tipping point where everyone has to try to make big moves to build a resume, and whoever survives the chaos and comes out on the other side with the best moves will win. A lot of it will come down to who gets the last move. But I think this shot at Sophie by Tony was early enough for him to recover from it. Builds credit, but still has like 6 more votes to get through.

I don’t think anyone will get there and be an obvious goat or someone who didn’t play the game. They’re all killing it.