My Oakley’s from my Duval/Lickliter starter kit are done…literally the oldest thing in my golf bag.

What’s the latest and greatest in larger shades that I can wear while playing?

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Also a question. Do people play in sunglasses?


I wear wayfarers or aviators but usually take them off pre shot. Never got the whole “golf glasses” thing

I’m a big Costa guy. Usually wear them when hitting shots toward direct sun. However I always take them off before putting if I happen to wear them most of the round. For whatever reason they mess me up when putting.


Previously, never. Then I went to the eye doctor and got fitted for sunglasses for my big ol’ dome. Went from sunglasses with a bridge (love Costa) to these bad boys with a nosepiece. They sit flush to my face and cheeks and are so good.

Never take them off on the course and there’s no issues with the bottom of the lens interfering with anything. No more hats needed (except buckets, cause sun protection is sexy).


Thanks. We have a couple holes that seem to play right into the morning sun.

I play in a pair of Oakley Holbrook frames with their Prizm golf lens. More of a brown tint, so works in lots of different lights.

Fair warning they are humongous. Like 58 wide. Go to your eye doctor and have them measure you and demo and shit.

Last time I went into an Oakley store they looked at my head and laughed and said sir your head is too big for our brand.


I wear sunglasses while playing quite often. I wear Shuron Sidewinders ( similar to Wayfarer). They are made in America, very affordable, and available in a wide array of sizes. Eyeglass supplier for the US military for many years.

Where did you get your Shurons?

@tedscott - any recommendations?


Frames direct

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Great thread!

My only suggestion is to make sure you find the largest sunglasses possible that you feel comfortable in, and then go one size up. If you’re able to cover at least 50% of your face with sunglasses, you’re in a very elite class.

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what kind of small head giant glasses world are you living in


This thread’s been up for 2 hours and nobody’s come in with the giant Justin Rose glasses? I’m ashamed of all of you!


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Almost exclusively #lookgoodplaygood

Well I think that @RosesTintedGlasses made an entire account about it and did post in this thread so


Yeah, but he just pecked out a bunch of words. I spent 45 seconds on the google and found the picture of Rosie, for visual impact.

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I played the last couple years in these:

This year, switched to these:

Cuz, according to @davidc, I’mma cop.


@3wiggle is slacking