Summer in the PNW

Refugees, I had an insane idea this morning and I need your wealth of knowledge to help me figure out if I can make it a reality or not.

I will most likely - it’s not guaranteed yet, but pretty much - have an internship summer of 2021 that will allow me to work remotely for the summer. I want to spend the summer living as a nomad and traveling the Pacific Northwest. I’m thinking pick 6 or so locations and spend 2 or so weeks at each one at a campground in a tent.

I have nothing tying me down. I’ll never have this opportunity again in my life. I have been wanting to explore the PNW but it’s hard for me to take a week off of work because of how much cash I’m missing out on. This would allow me to travel and work at the same time.

Questions I’ve asked myself so far -

How will I get internet for work? Mobile Hotspot.

How will I get power? I found a power bank and solar panel that charges the power bank for $800 total on Amazon. I’m not sure if these would generate enough power to charge my computer and a phone that’s using a bunch of power because it’s running a hotspot.
Power Bank
Solar Panel

How much will a two week stay in a tent at a campground run a gui? I have no idea.

What will I eat? I’m thinking I can get a gas stove and a cooler with ice? I dunno.

Questions for yallz -

Any can’t miss areas/sites/campgrounds in the PNW?

Any can’t miss golf courses in the PNW? Two already on my mind are Bandon and Silvies Valley Ranch.

Am I insane? What am I not considering?

It depends, but generally not more the $100, frequently a lot less.

These aren’t cheap, but are your best bet for food storage. Cooking with a gas stove or jetboil is easy enough, just practice at home first and don’t expect fine dining.

I’d lean toward looking into a long-term vacation rental or Airbnb instead of trying the vagabond thing due to the wifi requirements. I wouldn’t trust a mobile hotspot for video conferencing or other things you may need to do online with a deadline. You could even split it 6 weeks/6 weeks between Portland and Seattle (pick other places if you want) and do the travelling around on the weekend.


The PWN is the most overrated region in America. By far. Reevaluate.

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The insane part to me is trying to get fast, reliable internet via a hotspot while at a campground where there is likely spotty service at best. If you need to be online and available throughout the day, I don’t know how you make that work. Also, would you need to be available for Zoom meetings? Can’t exactly be doing that from a tent.

If you could swing it, bouncing around Airbnb’s to use as your homebase while hitting courses in the general area, would be a better option. Likely more reliable internet and much better living situation (I don’t know about you but I’d get real sick of a tent after about a week).


Yeah and the summer sucks ass. Always rains. No one needs to move up here.


Summer is fine. No better than Northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Finger Lakes, etc. etc. etc. etc.

I’ve thought about doing this, but instead of tents and PNW it’s Scotland/Ireland and Airbnb’s/sleeping in the back of a wagon rental. Reliable internet is by far the most important part to pulling this off successfully.


I will never need to be on facetime/zoom but frequently have hour-long calls with coworkers while working on projects. I won’t need a super strong connection, just something that can run a couple of websites (R-Studio for my math nerds out there).

I looked into this and I think it’s probably too expensive for me. The places I was looking at were about $1500 a month which might not be a ton for an LA-based lawyer but it is for a SD-based cawlidge kid making $18/hr.

You can find some sweet, free RV parking in SoDo Seattle! Really get a feel for the sights and sounds.

Seattle Camping


Fall in the PNW is a terrible experience too


Thanks Obama


Am I wrong in my definition of PNW? I’m thinking Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Northern California.

Not downtown Seattle @Lazstradamus.

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If you could live on the islands in the sound, my God, what a life that would be.


I’ll confirm. It is awesome.


Well, Pacific would be your first qualifier. Kick out WY, ID and MT.

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PNW for me, as a local, is really just Oregon, Washington, and part of Idaho. Basically the Columbia River Basin. Not sure how the rest of the country views it, though.


True PNW is western Washington, BC, and western Oregon. Otherwise known as Cascadia

The others just want to be “included”


This devolved into the Shotgun Start real quick…