Subtle #toursauce moves


Asking your playing partners what ball they’re using on the first tee when you full well know you’re using a better/more expensive ball.


Number 11, bonus points if you say “Jack Nicklaus putted with his glove on!”



  1. Hitting the ball near a hazard. Leaving your cart on the path 50 yards away from the hazard. Walking over to the hazard. Realizing that your ball did go into the hazard. Walking back to the cart to get another ball.


Gah this is good.


Sincere tour sauce: Ask the group rhetorically, “I wonder if I can get PW there.” Hit PW. Say, “Well we’re gonna find out” immediately after the ball leaves the face.


Pimp step chasing your approach shot and then awkwardly having to walk back because you don’t have a caddie and your golf cart is now 20 yards behind you.

  1. Asking “is this a par 3?” from the tee box. #Saucy regardless of the hole’s par.
  2. Carrying driver up onto the tee on a par 3. Only returning to the cart to switch clubs when it becomes your turn to play.


Replying to yourself in a thread^^ #lifesauce


This is an even worse take than the bloke on twitter who thought Tour Sauce was when you spin your ball off the green.


This is even worse than the bloke who had the joke go way over his head.


Losing your wallet, making the rest of your family look for it, then declaring it officially “lost” after 5 minutes.


Sauce perfection.


Not sure if this qualifies as sauce, but the guy who can never figure out where to stand on the green. His shadow is always in your line and then you have to wait for him to find a new spot.


These things deserve their own thread.


Played through the rain yesterday, did the “wrap the glove up in the umbrella” as well as using the umbrella to keep the grips dry.


I’m surprised the move where guys point right/left for someone else’s bad drive is a thing. That would really piss me off as a player.


The faux sprint to and from the porto-potty after a tee shot – not talking about the psycho Billy Horschel sprint, but more the prototypical jog that feigns concern over the impact of the bathroom break on pace of play.


Not sure it’s been mentioned above but how about the subtle pant hike as you approach the hole to lean down and get the ball out of the hole. Pretty saucy seeing Tiger doing this Friday at memorial on 11 when he holed out for eagle!


Staying on your 155 foot yacht in the Hamptons while playing the US Open at Shinnecock.