Subtle #toursauce moves


Popping your ankle back in its socket on the fairway



Tiger doing the ground tap with the butt end of his iron on the walk to the green after flagging one…so subtle but gets me every time


attempted the tap the wedge on my shoe after getting out of a bunker

hit my ankle instead :frowning:


I have reached in to grab the ball before and the pin was splintered. Ended up getting a splinter underneath my fingernail.

Won’t do that again.


Finau had a very rare tour sauce move when he dislocated his ankle. Once he popped it back in, he called over to an imaginary medical staff on the tee letting them know he was injured as if he was in a basketball game.


Found myself just grabbing at a towel with one hand after I wash my hands like Spieth and his bag towel pre-shot.

Have to go back after as it doesn’t get my hands dry…


Can’t believe I missed this before. This is exceptional sauce.


hearing the player caddie conversations and them calling 147 yards ‘47’, because, that 1 is too much to say, and obviously.


I’ve picked up this saucy habit, and most guys in my group know enough to get it. But usually one will be like “87???”. Usually the same guy asking if a hole is a par 4 or 5 after they pick up their 3 footer for 7.


Paul Casey had a great subtle tour sauce move. I’m not sure what tournament it was in but he stuffed a shot from off a paved cart path, and then stepped where his ball was like he was compacting his divot.


Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but I did this while playing the other day and patted myself on the back for this one. You putt from some distance where your odds are better of missing than making, it ends up a foot or so from the hole, and you go up to finish.

But! To display good etiquette, you don’t wanna step on your playing partner’s line, and you point at a spot on the green where you’re gonna stand and ask for confirmation it’s okay.

That deserves a place on PornHub.


@Soly keeping his phone set to Celsius despite living Stateside these days. #eurosauce


Volcano Sauce- holding your follow thru so everyone can see you hitting it to 2 feet in front of an erupting volcano


Even saucier is pointing to it without even looking for confirmation from your playing partner.


Using your Gold Medal to mark your ball.

Men's Curling Gold Medalist @MattJamilton flashed the best ball mark ever @BMWCharityProAm.🏅

— Tour (@WebDotComTour) May 17, 2018


Wiping the face of the putter with a couple fingers as you set up to a putt and/or doing the same after missing a 2-3 footer as if to get rid of the bad juju #sauce


Today I missed a 6 footer and inadvertently said “couldn’t have hit it better, it just didn’t go in.” I didn’t know two of the guys…


Love when the sauce just inadvertently comes out.

On Sunday I walked in the last five feet of a 15-footer. I have never done that before, would never do that consciously (though I often walk after shit putts that are missing by plenty) and would have felt like a cock if it missed, but it’s as though my subconscious just knew it was in the heart. I almost beat the fucking thing to the hole!


I’m partial to the following:

  1. Bending both knees/legs when teeing your ball up/picking the ball out of the hole. If you really want to #sauce it, drop down all the way onto one/both knees on the tee.
  2. After you finish up, filling out your card on the green while the group behind you waits in the fairway.
  3. When asked what you’re putting for, pausing to point back down the fairway to the location where you took each shot, and counting out loud.
  4. Picking up and taking double par.
  5. Driving your cart into precarious spots, steep mounds, hazards, etc.
  6. Never pulling the flag for others. Even if you’ve picked up to take your double par.
  7. Forgetting clubs and headcovers, then driving back 3-4 holes asking each group if they found anything.
  8. Conveniently storing your ball marker on your magnetic glove / hat.
  9. Parking your cart near the green. Double #sauce points if it’s between another player’s ball and the hole.
  10. Saying, “You know, pros really have an advantage because they always have someone to find their lost balls.”
  11. Putting with your glove on.