Subtle #toursauce moves


This isn’t done well enough by most of my friends if you ask me.

I’d like to expand on that final step, though. The key move in the delayed pocketing of the ball is to walk away toward the edge of the green inspecting the ball to make sure that shit is sparkling before it goes into your pocket. The idea here is to insinuate that you putted that thing through about a quarter mile of war-torn terrain with absolutely no concern that it wasn’t going to end up in the bottom of the cup. This works even better if your course’s greens are pristine and even better yet if the putt was for par rather than birdie.


Naming your newborn Azalea the year after winning your first Masters/major after decades of coming up short. Though this may be straight up #toursauce and not subtle #toursauce.


This is my favourite move to pull off. “I’ll meet you at the green when you get there” is a nice addition.


The quick half putter raise when you think it’s tracking, then you lower it back when you realize it isn’t and act like it never happend.


Stenson just put his hand up to see into the sun on his approach at 10…while his sunglasses sit on the back of his hat.

What’s the point of the sunglasses then?


And another subtle sauce move…pushing towards the ball as it rolls past the hole in a 'slow down / sit ’ motion.

Tiger did it with his monster putt yesterday and Tommy Fleetwood just did it with his bunker shot.


Skinny piece of white tape on the finger that big cat always pulls off.


This is me all day long. Bonus points for a re-tape on the 10th tee.
Considering going full Michelle Wie with the calf tape.


When you strike it so pure and you’re going to fly the green…“Oh, I flushed it…” with a hint of disgust.

The silent thumbs up to another member to your group as you walk on to your ball without even looking at that person.


It’s all about the tape on the wrist these days. Garcia, Oosthuizen and Matsuyama all wearing various coloured tape today!


Match play gives these guys the chance to show off some slick ball flipping skills with the putter after concessions.


We rode today and I made a point to put my scorecard holder in my back pocket because #subtlesauce


Do you just try to lag the ball to gimmie range on the 18th or do you go back to the hut and ask to dig through the collector bin to get your ball back?


I just use a ball from the scuff-ball pocket, no real loss. I’ve also carried a 60 degree as well, for when you would rather just go over the rock in the middle instead of around it.


Wiping tears from your eyes after beating all your friends (the Bubba)


Off the course sauce: Checking to see if you are among the winners of the bracket challenge when 3 of your final 4 didn’t make it out of the round robin.


That quick look at the golf ball after making a good putt to see if it has any scuffs or dirt on it.


I’m not sure how subtle this is but how bout tossing a shoutout to the Super and his crew about the course conditions at an event, bonus points if it’s at you’re local am event


Saw this today: on a par 3 tee, using your iron face to heap a pile of sand from the container to avoid bending over and using the tiny shovel inside.


Just from watching some of the masters pre-round press conferences, being confused as to where the reporter who is asking the question, and then nodding your head when you find them needs to be added to the list.