Subtle #toursauce moves


Oh, I def pull that move from the fairway…
Ideal setup: you out-drive your partner/cartmate by 10 yards on a par 4. He hits hit approach first and gets back in cart. I pull 9 iron AND putter and tell him “I’ll meet ya up there” before I hit my approach onto green and walk up to the hole from there.


taking off the bib on 18 green before the tournament ends (Stevie Williams at Sherwood in 2010 before McDowell made the putt to force a playoff)


Hiding the PGATOURLive behind your email is a must on Thursday-Friday.



I love my Thurs-Fris at work!


Just filled out the form for a 3rd monitor at work…


Its becoming impossible to work with Tiger playing on Thursday and Friday.

This year im gonna do it right - and be honest with myself - and not even come into work on Thurs/Friday of Masters week. No way I’d be able to work anyways.


Tiger… Phil… Augusta… Completely useless productivity.


Based on the upcoming schedule… the week of the Shell in Houston may be my only chance at being productive on a Thursday/Friday over the next month.


Love it, I always do it after a good drive but there’s been a few times where I pick the tee up too quickly and don’t quite actually see where my ball ended up


Sometimes when I remove the flag stick on the greens before the group starts to putt, I just yank it out and then let it drop onto my feet to soften the fall on to the ground. Like a football (not soccer :wink:) controlling motion…


I do this but with my putter. Let the flag fall and catch it with my putter then lower it to the ground.

My football skills are not good enough to do anything with my feet!


When you sink a decent length putt for bird…take the a long, looping route to the hole, around everyones mark, small stutter step at the hole and grab it out with two or three fingers. Longer you take to pocket the ball, the saucier it gets.

  • Rahm on Saturday in Mexico telling the crowd not to clap after he tapped in for a 4 putt double bogey

  • Grillo in India this weekend with the sarcastic fist pump when he missed a bogey putt


Reed urging the ball back to his feet on 18 :joy::joy:


Not entirely sure what it is / was but Tiger’s finger flick with his hand up after he holed that putt on 17 was fairly saucy but understated


Lest we forget…


I have 8. Its kind of a #worksauce move


yup. 8 would be so far off the right tail distribution at my work, so I settled for 3. Makes the next few upcoming thurs/fri excellent.


Ha, I know. It’s one of the few professions where somewhat justified. Though the monitors are all pretty shit to be fair.