Subtle #toursauce moves


pulling dead branches out of trees…


My playing partner the other day got off a couple good saucy moves.

1: After topping his drive off the tee he quickly turns and looks at us as if we made some noise that disturbed him. Nothing said at all, he’s just glaring at us… badass!

2: same dude is over a 30 yard pitch into the green and proceeds to lay the sod on top of the ball as fat as could be. Obviously with his skill set there had to be something wrong with the grass so he quickly looks down and inspects the turf then taps the crater he made with his wedge ! #saucy!


How about any of us weekend guys marking their ball in general?


Cabrera’s subtle club twirl as he sets up a kick-in at Oakmont in the 07 US Open.


The elusive putter twirl usually reserved for long range lag putts


From watching yesterday’s efforts at Streamsong…@djpie with the subtle pre-shot club twirl around the 6 minute mark…

(We’ll ignore the end result…all about the process)


ICYMI: I did a quickie article on some 30 seconds of impeccable sauce in Thursday’s WGC Mexico coverage.


There has to be a #lesauce movement around the time of the Ryder Cup! Both sides will be pouring #lesauce all over Paris during the week. France is known for its cuisine, golf will be adding the sauce that week.

In tribute to Phil’s bit of Spanish last week in Mexico could we see ‘le wayward point’, ‘le blame de spikemark’ and ‘le club twirl’?

Could we even have an alternative Ryder Cup where points are given for sauce rather than winning matches?


I feel like sudden death playoff toursauce is an untapped market right now. The small entourage walking down the fairway, the drawing to determine honors on the tee, the explanation of rules, an official with a walkie talkie.

And of course chatting up the tournament host. I love how for every standard toursauce move out there, Phil seems to deploy an advanced version of it.


walking across the fairway to grab another club out of the cart…


When you’ve already hit your driver and your playing partner sprays one right and you start walking down the hole while their still on the tee pointing right for the marshalls.


Can you have tour sauce if you’re riding? Seems like no?


Cleaning the club face on your pant leg. Does not really clean all that well, and it shows that you don’t pay for pants.


You’ve obviously never stuck a wedge and told your buddy that you’ll just “make the walk but bring my putter” one of the sauciest moves out there. Sad.


You think that’s saucy? You’ve obviously never stuck and wedge and said “I’m good with this club” and then quietly tapped in with the 56. :sunglasses:


Twirling after a flush 5-iron and walking after it knowing damn well you have to turn around (eventually) and pick up the bag you carry on your own shoulders.


How about some #caddiesauce? Catching the ball in the towel or holding the flagstick across the shoulders are my personal favs.



  • Baseline caddie duties in the rain #moisturemanagement


sometimes on a par 3 when i hit last & knock it on the green I’ll take my putter & walk to the green while my playing partner drives the cart up to the green…actually I usually do this on tee shots when I hit last & hit it well


Not sure if it’s been mentioned already but as I sit here in the office hiding the pga tour live on my desktop i’m reminded of the Spieth towel grab before every shot. Two minutes ago about to tee off…Mike let me get that towel, hand got sweaty. In the fairway…Mike I need to moisten the hand a bit where’s that towel.