Subtle #toursauce moves


Saying “Talk dirty to me” when your tee shot is in the air. #JT


Is JT pandering to us at this point?


Yes…and I’m fully okay with it


MJ walking in a putt with a cigar in his mouth.


Does Keegan twirl it during his seizure pre-shot? There’s so much going on I don’t know that I’ve ever noticed that.


About 5 or so times, depending how insane he’s feeling that day.


I haven’t really watched him during this semi comeback he seems to be on(seems to be playing better now anyway), has he calmed it down any or is it still full on insanity?


Watch at your own risk:


That is the definition of batshit.


In the last hour my 6 year-old daughter has:

  1. Heard (half of) Fergie’s rendition of “The National Anthem”
  2. Learned Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father
  3. Seen Keegan’s pre-shot routine

We’re never getting her back.


Staring at the treetops for a good 20 seconds to try and see what the wind is doing. See this a lot at Augusta, especially on 12.


I had a bit of an off course non-golf related sauce moment over the weekend. First time cooking at my new gf’s apt…I brought my own pans and knife


For as long as I can remember, I have brought my own Bettinardi when going to play mini golf with friends/family. My own golf balls too, gotta have that alignment stripe.


Having your caddie stand behind you when taking a drop to catch the ball if it rolls into a hazard. Can only imagine how pumped my regular playing partners would be at that request.

“Matt, stand behind me and catch my ball so it doesn’t go into the hazard for the fourth time in the last five holes.”


Putting out with your iron/wedge when knocking it close.


Phil rocking the binder clip on his hat all week at the 2016 open #sauce


Tiger just did this, saucy as hell


I do the forced quarter smile/nod when people compliment me on the birdie I just got like I was expecting to do it all along and it’s no big deal.

It’s really not, the complimenter just needs to not pay attention to the bogey/double/bogey/bogey start I just had.


Patton Kizzire’s fore right point on 6 was my favorite I have seen in a while…I’m definitely adding that to the arsenal.