Subtle #toursauce moves


Good point. Phil and Bubba wearing a watch WHILE playing is subtly saucy though, IMO.


A CPG special is the reaching for the ball retriever before the ball reaches the water hazard


Phil is basically the walking embodiment of subtle toursauce. The sand tap on the shoes, the constant hat tips and thumbs up, his little wrist flick whenever he pulls the ball out of the cup after a birdie.

Another favorite: taking a drop. The art of placing the tees on the ground, finding the ideal spot to drop the ball, placing the ball after it rolls forward. I suppose it’s something they have to do, but I love busting that one out on the course just to get a reaction.


if you’re loading up you and your riding buddy’s bags on the cart, make him the driver. Boom, you’ve got a caddie now. Bonus points for every time he grabs your putter for you as you walk to the green from an approach over 100 yards.


THAT’S why my buddies always want me to drive. Motherfuckers.


“Rolling” in a 5 point game after the first guy hits his tee shot.


Taking the putter from the Caddie 200 yards back in the fairway and walking up to the green with it.

Calling for a rules official immediately to talk them through a drop when the ruling is rather straightforward.


The putter walk! Love it! and shamefully guilty, except no caddy involved, lol


I always feel pretty saucy when playing at a course with a caddie, and I pipe a drive and instantly walk after it with driver in hand down the fairway for a bit.


Calling for a rules official (shoutout Slugger White) when your just playing with your buddies 10 over par on a muni.


When playing with a caddie leave your putter next to your bag as you walk off the green headed to the next tee box.


The Tiger leg kick after a stripeshow is my go to. Post up on that left leg, kick that right leg back and pick up the tee. My partners always call me out on it but it’s great.

Also partial to the fixing a nonexistent ball mark after a good shot or asking if a playing companion if they got yours. “Is this one me? I got it.” fumbles for divot tool “Did you get mine? Thanks”


New moves include:

  1. Reversing the putter toe-down to bend over and grab the ball out of the cup
  2. …while constantly checking the through lines to make sure your buddy gets a smooth roll on his come-backer for triple
  3. …alternate…is asking your buddy if they have hit their max on the hole before picking up their mark/ball and throwing it back to them (the “your just my pro-am partner and my score is good” move)
  4. wind point to the crowd
  5. short putt mis-read hand-motion

all are becoming required tour moves


Late to the game, but love to see a guy fix a ball mark right next to the hole when he bounces over.

Simultaneously saying “Greens can’t hold a damn thing” optional, but preferred


Played with a very good am recently (couple yrs after graduating D1 program, prob +2-3 ish now) and he was one of the most casual saucy guys I’ve ever seen. We were playing up a bit because his Dad was with us so he hit a lot of irons off tees. He’d just drop a ball in his preferred part of the tee box and absolutely flush 2-4 irons. No tee or placing the ball on a nice piece of turf. Walked in a bunch of putts (didn’t miss inside 6 feet), but never talked about his score. My buddy and I kept track out of curiosity and he shot 66 without breaking a sweat.


I dropped about a 60+ foot downhill bomb with a good amount of break for par (net birdie) in a tournament and yelled at my partner to “Go Get That!!!”


Definitely subtle. :slight_smile:


Compared to some other sauce I spray it kinda was…haha!


Cantlay’s tongue out while watching approach shots in the air is a nice new one.


I was just about to post in the Riv discussion thread how much I hate this look/habit.