Subtle #toursauce moves


Come on @JDWilson, get with! Jk, it’s the perfect subtle move.


Damn hahaha, sorry, I thought I read all the posts before I posted my bad. Good choices though


Mark O’Meara was the master at that move


My absolute favorite subtle move is after holing out getting with your caddy on the back of the green and pointing and motioning with your hand about the contour of the green basically telling everyone what you saw as you made that putt.


Backing off a shot due to crowd distraction and proceeding to put the club back in the bag, pull out the yardage book, and start all over. Sauce.


Removing the cap while walking to the 18th green after having played the approach shot.

When leading on the 72nd hole and the birdie putt narrowly missed, a player marks the remaining two inch putt for the win, allowing playing partners to finish up, before he taps in for the title.


Mickelson pulling his foot above his knee and hitting the sole of his shoe after leaving a bunker.


Always loved a guy acknowledging the crowd with a super-enunciated, dramatically mouthed “Thank You” (Tom Kite was a master at this).

A close cousin of the Kite move is a guy walking off 18 applauding AT the crowd.


We have a guy in our group who holds his follow through on every single shot. I’ve seen him stare down, in full follow through, some of the best fanned 9-irons that come up 20 yards short in the greenside bunker. Never moves until it lands though, so I respect the commitment.


He’s “feeling” the finish.


After smoking a drive, picking up the tee and walking with the club down the fairway before the ball lands.


“Get down, land soft, bite bite!”

lands 30 yards short of green


Play occasionally with a fine gentlemen who is the fastest player on the planet. Very respectful of your routine and shot, but if he is next, your ball is lucky to have finished rolling by the time you hear contact. 1st time playing with him I was telling another playing partner, “nice shot” and heard contact in the middle of my comment. Immediately apologized to him and the toursauce comment when asked about his speed of play is “never a problem, nothing bothers me, nothing”

Solid player too, plays to about a 2.


Guys who still tip their hat to the fans acknowledging the light applause after tapping in for a double.


Leaving your putter in the cart when walking up to the green for a chip shot. Essentially calling the chip-in.


Played with a guy like this last summer a few times… Before your ball lands he’s 60 yards up the fairway hitting his ball. He putts while your putt is still in motion. He will walk up an adjacent fairway to get to his ball while you are preparing to hit your ball.

Overall it doesn’t normally bother me but it’s a little annoying.


The other day I was digging my car out of the snow/scraping my windows and without even thinking about it - swung the scraper down to knock the snow off my boots before getting in my car. I was partially stunned and amused that I did it.

Summer needs to get here soon.


Wearing sunglasses on top/back of the hat when it’s clearly really sunny out.

Also putting on the sponsor watch ASAP after winning a tournament.



Bringing an empty shag bag to the driving range and filling that up with balls from the machine instead of the plastic bucket


I would argue that putting the watch on immediately after finishing the round would be classified as true #toursauce and less #subtletoursauce…bonus points when doing it after your Saturday morning round after firing a cool 93.